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Which size is correct for me?

For fit we highly recommend consulting one of our expert dealers. Here is a good starting point:
2012 Sizing
S (Under 5'7".)
M (5'7.-5'11.)
XL (6'3". and above)

Do Knolly frames have a replaceable derailleur hanger?

Yes, every Knolly frame has a replaceable derailleur hanger.

What kind of 142mm x 12mm thru axle do the Chilcotin and Endorphin use?

Each Chilcotin and Endorphin frame will come with a Thru Axle made by Knolly Bikes.

What size seatpost does my bike take?

All Knolly frames take a 31.6mm seatpost.

What size quick release seat collar do I need for my Knolly frame?

The seat collar size is 35mm and we recommend the Chromag seat collar which can be purchased with your Knolly Frame.

How much seatpost insertion do I need?

Knolly recommends a minimum of 4 inches or 100mm of post insertion into the frame.

How should I setup the rear air shock sag?

Start by putting your body weight in pounds into the main air chamber. So if you weigh 170 pounds put 170 psi into the rear shocks main chamber. Get on the bike with all your riding gear, including water in the Dakine Pack, now check suspension sag. To do this, pull the little O-ring up on the shock shaft; now get off the bike gingerly as to not upset that measurement. Once off the bike, measure how much shock shaft is exposed above the O-ring. For proper setup you should measure about 25-30% of sag from total stroke.

How should I set up my rear shock? How should I torque my frames' bolts?

Please see the Shock Settings and Torque Specs links above for these values.

You specify certain travel forks for each model, what if I run a fork with more travel or a longer axle to crown measurement?

By running a longer than recommended fork, it will slacken the angles and increase the standover. A general rule of thumb is for every inch of travel change equates to a degree of angle change. In ablockquoteition you may void your warranty by using the wrong fork.

Shock settings currently not available...

Torque settings currently not available...

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