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All available chargers.

Lupine is the only lighting manufacturer that uses the same high quality electrical connectors throughout the entire lineup*; this ensures complete compatibility throughout the entire Lupine product family. 

(*excluding the Piko TL flashlight; which, due to its small size and unique shape requires a specific charger and semi-permanent affixed battery cell) 

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Wiesel V3 Charger
1200mA; only for Li-Ion batteries
US $65.00
Charger One
The Ultimate Charging Machine
US $195.00
Micro Charger / Li-Ion
2-amp charging current
US $115.00
12 V car adapter for externally powered chargers
US $14.00
Piko TL Charger Converter
Converter; neccessary for charging Piko TL from all Lupine 2 pin chargers
US $15.00
Piko TL 12 V car charger
US $45.00
US AC-to-DC Power Supply for Microcharger and Charger One
Only the component at right: DOES NOT include charger box shown on left of image.
US $40.00
Products 1 - 7 of 7

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