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At Knolly Bikes our goal is to make the highest quality products possible in every aspect of performance and manufacturing. Our motto is “Reliable Predictable Performance” and that philosophy goes into every frame design and finished product.

To ensure that our products are both reliable and consistent performers, we scrutinize the overall design and construction of our frames and continue right down to the smallest component.


We use only high end name brand fasteners ensuring that our fastener products are consistent and reliable. All Fasteners are stainless steel and where required, super hard grade 12.9 plated steel. We do this to ensure that the fasteners don't corrode and don't bend.

We use M8 bolts for all of our shock mounting hardware on our heavier duty frames, again from a strength perspective. And, wherever possible, we use commonly available metric fasteners so that they are easily replaced if damaged or lost.


All pivots feature German INA brand bearings and most use precision machined stainless steel shaft spacers to achieve tight tolerances. INA brand bearings feature some of the most consistent race diameters available, especially important in locations under high lateral load like suspension rocker linkages. Their consistent diameters mean less chance of bearings wearing out their “seats” (the bore that the bearing sits in) resulting in less down time for you the owner.

The two main frame pivots use a pair of INA double row angular contact bearings combined with oversized axles resulting in superior lateral rigidity and high load carrying capability. Pivot bearings are spaced as wide as possible to further increase rear end stiffness.


Our axles and shoulder bushings are CNC turned out of 2024 aluminum for high strength. Rear thru axles feature a stepped outer diameter which guarantees precision where the axle supports the hub bearings. Chain stay pivot axles and rear axles are deeply broached for large 8mm hex keys to make them highly resistant to stripping.


CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) manufacturing is something that we take great pride in. We routinely machine parts to within 0.001" (0.02mm) tolerance; for bearing seats often to a very precise 0.00025" (0.006mm). Why would we spend the time and energy to do this?

Quite simply, it allows us to design and build features like the V-tach's head angle adjuster cam as well as improve the functionality and reliability of our products.


All our frames are welded to the highest standards. Welding is probably the single most important part of frame construction — technique can make or break the best designs. In keeping with our design philosophies we use only the best available bicycle frame welders, ensuring that welding is not only performed correctly but is aesthetically pleasing as well.

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