3.5Ah SmartCore Battery
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3.5Ah SmartCore Battery  

3.5Ah / 25Wh SmartCore Battery

Long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery with capacity gauge; Fastener straps included; 135g
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Lupine's 3.5Ah SmartCore Battery features powerful electronics: simply push the control panel and the remaining battery capacity will be indicated in increments of 10%.

The advantage is obvious: the capacity can be checked at any time no matter if the battery is in use, being charged, or has been laying in the hall for two weeks waiting for the next adventure.

INCLUDED WITH BATTERY: Two hook-and-loop straps (1 long and 1 short)  to mount the battery.

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Our intelligent SmartCore electronics pull power evenly from Li-ion battery cells, minimizing burnout, and maximizing the longevity of your battery. The battery also acts as a capacity gauge, offering visual and audio signals in 10% increments.

And, a tail-light and running-light function may also be activated with the push of a button.


Our long-lasting, Li-Ion SmartCore batteries are completely waterproof and feature an extremely robust protective outer shell made of ABS plastic, made to resist extreme weather, shocks and mud. And, integrated electronics prevent electric faults on rough terrain.


Due to identical external connections, SmartCore Batteries are compatible with all Lupine products across the range. Although our batteries are characterized by high capacity and energy density, you should keep in mind the power requirements of your lamp head to achieve peak performance.

Learn more in the quick video below:


MaterialCasing polyamide, layer polyurethane

Battery 7.2V3.5Ah

watt hours25Wh

Dimensions (LxWxH)79 x 41 x 30mm


Protection classIP 68 (waterproofness ), IK 09 (impact strength)

High-current                                        3C

Cell typeLG MJ1186150

PCBReversible cut-off at short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage

SmartCore technologyAdvanced battery management

Capacity indicator10% steps via 5 Hyper Red LEDs

Audible signal60dB

Balancing functionCV (constant voltage)

Microprocessor14-Bit RISC

Calibration functionthrough Lexan Touch-pad

Lexan Touch-padwith 5 Hyper Red LEDs


Running-light Functionyes

Proper forPiko, Neo, Blika

Partly suitableWilma


HELMET: It's easy to mount your SmartCore battery to your vented bike helmet using the Lupine hook and fastener straps that are included with your battery purchase.

BIKE: It's also easy to use the straps to securely fasten your battery to your bike frame or bike post. Take a look:


The Rolf V1 Mount is a great alternative to the fastener straps for mounting your battery to your bike frame. You can mount the ROLF on the bottle-mount of your bike, then just slide in a Lupine SmartCore. Rolf V1 makes it possible to attach or remove the Lupine SmartCore battery within a second. No velcro needed.

Works with 3.3 Ah SmartCore, 6.6 Ah SmartCore, 9.9 Ah SmartCore, and 13.2 Ah SmartCore batteries. You may need an additional extension to connect to the battery.

Carrying cases, like the Speedsleev Endure Top Tube Case, allows you to securely carry your battery and other biking essentials.

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   Great battery, not always so smart, August 27, 2019  By Peter (Atlanta, GA)(Verified)
The battery aspect of this is great, it easily has enough juice to get through an ~8 hour night as long as you don't run your Piko on high the whole time. The "smart" part of this battery, the LEDs that are supposed to show you how much power you have works on 2 of the 4 batteries I have since they were brand new. On the two that don't work, I'll get the full number of blue and green flashes on the headlight so I know it is fully charged, but only one led on the back lights up. Kind of defeats the purpose, especially when it's a much more expensive battery.
   3.3 Ah SmartCore battery, May 4, 2017  By Randy (Annville, PA)
Perfect upgrade if you have an older battery. Compact, lightweight and simple to use. Pair it with the USB One and you can use it when your not on the bike. I really like when gear can be multifunctional. Thanks again for the awesome customer service Bill!
   3,3Ah SmartCore Battery, March 31, 2015  By Ryan Gardiner (Jasper, Alberta)
This is the perfect match for my Neo 2, this battery is the perfect size for strapping to the back of my helmet. Its light weight is virtually unnoticeable when strapped to my helmet, and allows me to ride for hours and hours with no fatigue in my neck. Super high quality and performance.

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