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Betty 2015 Lens Upgrade

For new lights: Betty R with remote

We could not resist refining our Betty Lens. This new version allows for a softer transmission of light from the inner spot to the outer spot, improving beam pattern, while increasing distance. Additionally, some outer reflections have been removed from the lens for improved illumination.

The Betty Lens comes 1 x Torx screwdriver and 1 x Allen key.

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US $30.00
Detailed Description

The Betty Lens is suitable for CREE XML and CREE XML2.

*Depending on the age of the light, the Allen key or Torx is needed to remove the lens. The lens can be changed by yourself.

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 based on 2 Customer Reviews
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Review On Dec 8, 2015 by tim valot of PALOS VERDES PENINSULA, CA
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Title: Lens upgrade comment
Comments: I put this new lens on my helmet mounted Betty pro. This lens cleans up the beam nicely, and really does smooth out the transition from center beam to outer. I put this on with the stealth lens cap. This is a cheap upgrade that works well. And typical Lupine quality.

Review On Aug 20, 2015 by Kevin of Chicago, IL
 based on 0 Customer Reviews
Title: Lens Upgrade
Comments: The best just keep getting better. I ordered one of these, figuring it was worth the few bucks to mess around with, but it is a really nice upgrade. Those who are familiar with the Light & Motion beam pattern will be instantly familiar with this. It's less of a hot spot/halo and more of a bigger hot spot. The throw is definitely a bit longer, though not a whoa! sort of distance. Glare and reflections are also reduced a bit. Overall, an excellent upgrade.