Betty R Lamp Head 5000 Lumens
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Betty R Lamp Head 5000 Lumens  
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Betty R Lamp Head

5000 Lumen Lamp head, helmet mount, Bluetooth remote with bar mount
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The brightest helmet lamp in the world has just become even brighter. Our top model emits an almost unbelievable 5000 lumens, outperforming everything you might have seen by far.

In addition to the Betty R's extensive setting options, the revolutionary Bluetooth wireless remote control offers unprecedented ease of use. With this floodlight you are the King of the Night.

INCLUDES: Betty R 5000 Lumen aluminum LED Lamp head, Helmet mount, Bluetooth Remote button and Peppi V5 handlebar mount for Bluetooth Remote button.
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Betty's incredible 5000-lumen output and powerful 350-meter illumination range paired with a perfectly balanced luminous image allows you to indulge any activity at night, no matter how extreme or technical it is.

And, Lupine's compatible range of accessories makes Betty the ideal companion for any nighttime adventure, including mountain-biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, camping, mushing and even photography.


Betty's 6000k LED output mimics the color temperature of the sun, literally turning night into day. This pure white color makes Betty a top lighting choice for pro photographers and videographers.

The wide range of accessories, like tripod mounts and filters makes this the ideal addition to any photography bag.


Precision-milled in Germany from a single piece of lightweight, high-quality aluminum, Betty is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and the wear-and-tear of rough terrain. German innovation packs the most powerful LED technology inside Betty's waterproof, durable and compact housing- a technological marvel.


In addition to the Betty R 14's extensive light setting options, the revolutionary Bluetooth wireless remote offers unprecedented control of light levels with the simple push of a button mounted to your wrist or Smartphone app.

Download the Lupine Light Control App: iPhone | Android



Lupine offers 20-plus years of precision-manufacturing and high-tech innovation- made in Germany.

We are one of the best in the industry relative to:
  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price to lumen output ratio
We offer the best warranty in the industry. And, we take pride in our customer support and service team that can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.


Betty R has an integrated Bluetooth Module and a Remote Control.

Thereby it is possible to control one or up to five lights directly from the handlebar - with lightning speed, without delay, without cable and without any security risk.

A special LUPINE LIGHT CONTROL APP for iOS and Android makes it possible to adjust the brightness levels of our lights from the smartphone, to control the lights directly or get unique status information.

Download the Lupine Light Control App:
iPhone | Android  

Technical Information

Lamphead: Betty R 5000 lumens - 45W



Illuminant7 x Cree XM-L2 U4 / XP-G

MaterialCNC-machined, Aluminum 6061-T6, Shot-peened, Hard-anodized

Dimensions (ØxL)55 x 44mm


Protection classIP 68 (Watertightness)

Microprocessor14-Bit RISC ( 4 x PLL)

Lens26° Optics ( Collimated Lens Technology)

Color temperature6000K (5% tolerance)

Converter phase50KHz

Core speed32MHz


Conducting path structureFine Pitch smaller 0.2 mm

LED-BoardCopper: Direct bonding Thermal pad / Copper board

Ambient temperature- 25°C to + 70°C

Temperature controlactive

Connection cablehighly flexible - 40 to + 80°C

LED Indicator5 x RGB LED Osram

LED Back-light2 x RGB LED Avago

Bluetooth TechnologyYes

Bluetooth RemoteYes

Dimming levels11 steps from 0.3W (30 Lumens) to 45W (5000 Lumens) + Center LED

Voltage indicatorby RGB LED

Low-Battery warning lampheadby back-light

Discharged capacityby RGB LED

Reserve tankdepending on battery and type of use

Candlelight function0.3W (Single LED Mode)

Special modesSOS, Alpine emergency signal, RVLR, Flash, Center LED

Candlelight function0.3W

 Handlebar mount for Bluetooth remote button

Peppi V5Holds Bluetooth remote button

Runtime Chart for Betty R with 13.2Ah Battery

Runtime at 45 W / 5000 Lumens
2:00 Hours
Runtime at 34 W / 3900 Lumens
2:45 Hours
Runtime at 28 W / 3200 Lumens
3:20 Hours
Runtime at 22 W / 2650 Lumens
4:20 Hours
Runtime at 16 W / 2050 Lumens
6:00 Hours
Runtime at 12 W / 1550 Lumens
8:00 Hours
Runtime at 8 W / 1050 Lumens
12:00 Hours
Runtime at 4 W / 520 Lumens
24:00 Hours
Runtime at 2 W / 270 Lumens
48:00 Hours
Runtime at 1 W / 160 Lumens
95:00 Hours
Runtime at 0.3 W / 30 Lumens
310:00 Hours

Weight with 13.2Ah battery
Charge Time


Lupine’s range of compatible accessories and mount kits, allows you to easily transform your Betty lamp head into a lamp for any activity.

  • Securely mount Betty to your bike helmet using the Betty Helmet Mount and state-of-the-art Lupine hook and loop fastener straps.

  • Add a high-quality headband to transform Betty into the perfect headlamp for hiking, camping, running or climbing.

  • Use your Quick-release Handlebar Mount to easily mount Betty to mountain bike or road bike handlebars.
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