Blika X 4 SmartCore Headlamp System

2400 Lumens; 85g Lamp; 3.5 Ah FastClick SmartCore Battery; Runtime 1:05 - 80 Hours; 250g Total System Weight
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SYSTEM INCLUDES: Blika 2400 Lumen aluminum lamp head, 3.5 Ah FastClick Smartcore battery, headband with FrontClick and FastClick mount, Wiesel V5 battery charger, and Blika manual.

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There are lights for running, lights for climbing, lights for biking, and then there's one for all your adventures. An incredible 2400 lumens, low and high beam, red and green light, a gentle reading light, and the brand new FrontClick system makes the Blika the most versatile Lupine we have ever constructed.


Special applications require special lighting, such as fishing or reading a map. A red and green light that can be adjusted in steps is integrated in the Blika. There are situations, such as when camping in the tent where less light is simply more, so the Blika has a dimming reading light function, as well.


For fast journeys and challenging terrain, you want lots of light and a broad, homogeneous illumination pattern. In order to reach a high range at the same time, the Blika combines the popular lighting of a Piko with a highly focused, switchable spot in the middle.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, your lighting will be more flexible than ever before. You can turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or swap your headlamp from one helmet to another in just seconds and without any tools. Just click into place onto the plate attached to your helmet with a special 3M adhesive pad or the tried and tested Lupine velcro system.


Water and Impact Resistance: The FL1 standard is a set of ANSI / NEMA standards to compare the product specifications of different lamp manufacturers.



The FL1 Standard is a newly set standard to compare the specifications of flashlights by different manufacturers.

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   BLIKA Review, February 14, 2018  By Dave Lamb (Kingston, NH)
Having used the Betty and Wilma lighting systems for many years in Adventure Racing, Mountaineering, Skimo AT racing, 24+ hr sailboat races and various "missions" with friends, I was afforded the opportunity to test the new Blika with Frontclick system. Game Changer.

Changeovers / transitions from helmet to head strap can now be accomplished in seconds with the Frontclick system. With the ability to directly mount the 3.3 Ah Smartcore battery to the helmet and / or head strap, there are no long cords to deal with and possibly getting caught on gear or even vegetation while bushwhacking. You still have the option of connecting to a (larger) battery placed in the top of your pack, jersey pocket, etc. if desired.

With diligence in selecting the lights power settings with the new two button system and remote (I mounted the remote on a ski pole grip for the last Skimo event), a single 3.3 Ah Smartcore battery can last most of the night. If the battery does run low, a quick connect to a second battery takes seconds. The 2100 lumen high setting has been more than sufficient for searching difficult terrain for ski lines at speed, scanning re-entrants or spurs for CP's, locating rounding bouys in rough seas, etc.. Additionally, the red / green options allow for "easy on the eye" transitions while looking at maps, sorting gear, walking, camping, etc..

Probably the best feature(s) for me is that this all comes in a very light weight, durable package when the need to run light and fast is the objective and helps to remain competitive and safe.

Enjoy the night!

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