SL S for Brose E-Bike Light
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SL S for Brose E-Bike Light  

Lupine SL S E-Bike Light for Brose S motors

700 Lumens; Sensor controlled; Active temperature control; for E-Bikes with Brose "S" drive unit only; 80g Total Weight
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The automatic daytime running light increases your visibility on the road. Kit includes: Manual, Lamphead SL S, Double-sided handlebar mount (Stem width: 39 - 51 mm)  

Compatible with Brose S Drive only; not compatible with Brose T Drive.
  • The SL S Brose is suitable for Brose Drive S. Brose is currently checking the options for the Levo.  Suitable for the 2018 Levo with the Brose S motor.
  • The light is not suitable for older models, because the lighting port does not supply a high enough current.
  • To connect the E-Bike to your light, you will need a light cable. If there is no cable, the cable must be put through your bike frame. The light cable is not included with the light!
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Before ordering please check out the technical requirements on your E-Bike.


  • To connect the E-Bike to your light, you eventually will need a light cable. If there is no cable, the cable must be put through your bikeframe.

The light cable is not included with the light!

A lisenced Brose e-bike dealer can take care of the setup.

Specialized Levo:

It is no problem to use the SL with the Levo after the lastest Specialied Firmware Update. At best combine this with the installation of your light.


For over 25 years Lupine Lights have helped mountain bikers win races, illuminate the most challenging outdoor adventurers, and provide reliable light sources for life-saving rescue missions. Lupine's years of experience in precision-manufacturing paired with ongoing innovation in LED technology, elevate the new SL B to road use, right on your E-bike.


1. Daytime running light blinks for ultimate visibility and safety
2. Daytime and nighttime running light can run at the same time (trail mode)


High-tech stereo-sensors scan the ambient light and automatically switch the SL from daytime running light to full beam. This function is especially handy when at high speeds on an e-bike, when you may not have time to react.


The heart of the SL is composed of 12 high intensity LEDs and the world's first dual Aspheric Lens System for bike lights. Their extremely robust and high quality aluminum body protects the SL from shock, dust, and water.

The SL is a special member of the Lupine family of lights. Not only is it compliant with strict e-bike light standards, but it also directs 100% of its 900 lumens directly on your path. The SL is designed like a car headlight and doesn't glare any other road users.


It is no coincidence that the Lupine SL B and the Bosch Display work together as a unified component. When we developed the SL, we wanted a headlight for the road and trail - but especially, a light that gives your bike a truly unique look. Design and features of the SL B were specifically conceived for Bosch E-Bikes.

Whether 6V or 12V, the Lupine SL can easily be used with any Bosch drive unit. The electronics of the SL automatically knows which one it is.

Brose S eBike Moter: Closer Look

What's so great about the Brose S? Blue Monkey Bicycles goes inside the details and outlines all the features and specs of this motor.



Lupine offers 20-plus years of precision-manufacturing and high-tech innovation- made in Germany.

We are one of the best in the industry relative to:
  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price to lumen output ratio
We offer the best warranty in the industry. And, we take pride in our customer support and service team that can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.

Instruction Manual for Brose
SL S Brose
Luminance 12 W 700 Lumens
Luminance 1 W 0 Lumens

Dimmlevels 12W: 700 lumens
Material Aluminium 6061-T6, CnC milled
Weight 80g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 40 x 50 x 48mm
Recommended for Brose Drive S
Protection class IP68
Watt 12W
Input voltage 6 - 6V~
Functions Daytime running light, full beam, automatic mode, RVLR
Lens 26° Dual Aspheric Lens System
Illuminant 12 Luxeon High Intensity LEDs
LED-Board Aluminium: Directbonding Thermalpad
Colour temperature 6000K (5% tolerance)
Converter phase 50KHz
Corespeed 32MHz
Conducting path structure Fine Pitch smaller 0.2 mm
Temperature control realtime
Ambient temperature -25°C to +70°C

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   Lupine Headlight, September 5, 2018  By Anonymous (Lyons, CO)
Wow! Best of the best. Super bright focused light only where and when I want it on my Bulls BroseS AM4 EMtb. Night is fun and safe ride time. Auto daytime running light for mixing it up with cars. Awesome integration of bike's controller w/ wiring within frame to motor battery. Minimalistic miniaturized solid aluminum and glass with high quality stable mounting tucked in front of stem safe from mtn disasters. Imagine if your bike had an Audi headlight on it...

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