Lupine Lighting Service & Repair

Be sure to check your manual for troubleshooting options.

Battery Issues? Try recalibration first!

If the battery indicator displays a value other than 100% after a full recharge, simply discharge the battery fully by plugging in and turning the light, letting it run until it goes out. Afterwards, give it a full recharge, and all should be well again. If this does not change the status of the indicator LEDs, contact us for further troubleshooting information.

Once your Lupine has been received, service will be completed with a 4-8 working day or better turn-around time.

Standard service charges:
Battery: $30 + shipping
Piko: $30 + shipping
Wilma: $40 + shipping
Betty: $50 + shipping

Lupine Warranties and Repairs - Ship to: LLC
ATTN: Repairs
767 Mine Rd
Lebanon PA 17042

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