2019 Lupine SLBF Bosch (Intuvia/Nyon) ebike
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2019 Lupine SLBF Bosch (Intuvia/Nyon) ebike 2019 Bosch SLBF for Intuvia/Nyon Lupine SLBF Bosch Intuvia/Nyon ebike 2019 Lupine SLBF Bosch e-bike  
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Lupine SL BF / Bosch –– the SL F with Hi-beam –– for e-bikes with Bosch Intuvia and Nyon drive systems

Sensor-controlled daytime running light with traffic-friendly 900-lumen low beam and 1300-lumen high beam
ITEM No: 5400  
THE high-performance headlight for e-bikes with Intuvia and Nyon drive units from Bosch

With the sensor-controlled daytime running light and glare-free 900 lumen low beam, you move safely through the traffic any time of  day. By pressing the button of your remote, you unleash an 1300-lumen high beam to race your e-bike through the most challenging trails.  The Lupine SL BF operates directly off your Bosch Intuvia and Nyon e-bike's 12V power system with supplied cable.

  • Type of light: E-Bike light
  • Light output: 1300 Lumen Maximum (12V)
Delivery contents of Lupine SL BF for Bosch Intuvia and Nyon 
  • Lupine SL BF Lamp-head for Bosch with cabled remote 
  • Manual
  • SL B Mount for Bosch Display 
  • Torx 6 and Torx 15 mounting screws
  • Light cable for Bosch

Type of Drive Unit: Bosch   

Compatibility:  All except Classic Line                

Voltage: 12V                                                   

SL F Lamp-head: 900lm low beam and 1300lm high beam at 12V 

In Stock:  Yes
US $350.00

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