Our range of durable, German-engineered mount options are designed to maximize stability and versatility. Whether you're mountain biking or camping, skiing or caving, Lupine makes it easy to transform any Lupine light into a headlamp, handlebar-mounted light or helmet light with a range of fully-compatible accessories.

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3M Dual Lock FastClick Battery Mount
3M Dual Lock FastClick Battery Mount 2.0-C
FastClick battery not included
US $14.00
3M Dual Lock Helmet Mount for Neo/older Piko (up to 1200-lumen)
Mounts lamp head to non-vented helmets; Not for 2016 Piko/Piko R 1500-lumen head-lamps
US $16.00
GoPro mount adapter for Betty R
GoPro mount adapter for Betty R
Mount a Betty R lamp-head on your GoPro
US $20.00
SL A lamphead GoPro Adapter mount
US $20.00
US $25.00
Headband for Wilma
Basic headband mount for all 'loop mount' style Lupine lampheads
US $45.00
Piko TL Tool-Free Bar Mount
Allows you to attach your Piko TL to your handlebars (without tools!)
US $40.00
HD Headband for Betty/Wilma (NOT Betty R)
For Betty/Wilma/Tesla Lampheads
US $55.00
Erik V1 Headband for older Wilma/Betty or any o-ring-mount Lupine
Basic headband mount for o-ring mount lamp-heads with mount for a 6.6Ah battery
US $45.00
Helmet Mount
Helmet mount for classic type O-Ring-mount lampheads
US $20.00
ROLF V1 Battery Mount
ROLF V1 Battery Mount
Battery mount for the bottle cage
US $10.00
Helmet Mount for Betty R
Helmet Mount for new Betty R
US $20.00
US $5.00
US $5.00
Syntace Twinfix titanium screws (2 pcs): Fits the Twinfix lamphead mount
Needed for mounting SL A lamps ; the standard supplied SL A bolt screws will not fit.
US $12.00
Wrap Pouch for FastClick Batteries
Softcase wrap mounts FastClick battery to bike frame
US $20.00
Cable guides with 3M pads
Neatly route lamp cable to battery
US $6.00
heatsink for Blika/Blika R
Heatsink for Blika/Blika R
Slows thermal auto-dimming on Blika lampheads
US $24.00
Piko O-rings
Spare Mounting-bracket O-rings
US $4.00
Mount Screw for Neo/Piko/Piko R (also for Twinfix and SL A)
For headband and helmet mount. Contents: 2 x screws & 2 x o-rings
US $6.00
Products 49 - 70 of 70
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