Lupine North America | NOVEMBER 2016

For thousands of years, the night was an excuse to stay at home. Not anymore.
Night is no Excuse - A Trailrunning Film.

Lupine North America | NOVEMBER 2016

Now that we have slipped into Daylight Savings and the nights are getting longer, it's time to get those lights charged and head out into the darkness! Vist our Events Page for a list of upcoming demo rides near you!

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Mount Gretna, PA Lupine Demo Ride 2016

Lupine North America | SEPTEMBER 2016

Lupine West Coast rep, Cedar Kyes, walks customers through additions to the Lupine family in the mtbr INTERBIKE Virtual Booth video below:

"In addition to its impressive helmet light range, Lupine had a handful of cool new accessories on display, as well as an intuitive taillight (the Rotlicht), which is adjustable, easy to use, and automatically increases output when it senses deceleration and/or approaching traffic. The company also has a new smartphone app that allows for remote adjustment of light levels with all Bluetooth compatible Lupine devices." -mtbr

Lupine East Coast's Eric Sheffer and Bill Gentile at Interbike 2016

The Great Alone
Lupine North America | SEPTEMBER 2016

Shot in the arctic wilderness of Alaska, “The Great Alone” follows the inspiring comeback of champion dog sled racer, Lance Mackey. This feature-length documentary examines his hopeful childhood alongside his famous father to darker days while battling the cancer that is attempting to unseat him.

Featuring Lupine Lights, "The Great Alone" is epic and emotional, and a story that invites the viewer to join Lance on his journey to become the greatest sled dog racer of all time.


#1 Siberian Husky Team at the Iditarod Thanks Lupine
Lupine North America | SEPTEMBER 2016

It is our pleasure to be an official sponsor of the Anadyr Team of Huskies at the Iditarod! We are excited to follow the 2016-2017 racing season, and continue to provide state-of-the-art lighting solutions for the most harsh weather conditions. We'd like to share this thoughtful thank you note from musher, Lisbet Norris.

Bill & Co.,

Thank you for your support of Team Anadyr in the 2015-2016 race season!
With Wilma lighting the way down the trail, we once again finished as
the #1 Siberian Husky team in the 2016 Iditarod.
Thank you for your continued support and best wishes for the upcoming summer!

Lisbet & Team

Photo Credit: @LisbetNorris on Instagram

Follow Lisbet and her team of Huskies as they prepare for their 2016-2017 Iditarod run on Instagram!


Cross Country with Lupine Lights
Lupine North America - East Coast | SEPTEMBER 2016

Thanks to Michael F. of Lancaster, PA for sharing this fantastic account of his cross-country trek with Lupine:

I'm working on a writeup about all the Lupine equipment used on my cross country trip. Thanks again for helping out with that! I really appreciate it!! For increased visibility I ran both the headlight and Lupine tail light CONTINUOUSLY for all 3,700 miles of pedaling.

Just wanted to drop you a message to say this past weekend I rode to West Virginia and back. It was about a 500 mile round trip to the highest incorporated town in WV. I ran my new Piko the whole time for visibility. What's interesting is I had it connected to the headlight for my Edison that I bought 11 years ago!! That battery ran the headlight continuously for the two-day trip there. I kept the Piko on low while riding during the day. But I also rode at night, too, so it was on medium during that time.

That 11 year old battery performed flawlessly and didn't need charged at all during the trip there. I charged it in WV with my Charger One, like I always have since it was new, and that charge lasted the whole way back to PA! It goes to show the quality of those batteries and how long they'll last if you treat them right with the Charger One.

Incidentally, I almost always top off that battery after using it. That ”top off" phase is the most abusive to a battery if not carefully controlled. A charger with bad current control during top off will really shorten the life of a Lithium Ion battery. Looks like Lupine has that charge control pretty much perfect in the Charger One! I love the Charger One. Since it was going to be packed tight with other stuff on the cross country ride, I actually took my newer metal one, rather than the plastic one that came with my Edison. I have more faith in the metal to protect the internal circuitry.

I also used both the diffused and red lenses. I really liked the red lens when I was in the mountains of Washington, Idaho, and Montana where it was particularly dark. I would aim the Piko up to the ceiling of the shelter I was in, or just use it to illuminate my area when sleeping without shelter. It helped me see, but my eyes weren't desensitized too much when I had to walk away from the campsite to take a leak. The diffused filter worked great for places where there was artificial light when I would walk away from my campsite. I liked having the light spread about the site rather than a focused beam.

I LOVED that converter that let me charge my phone and other USB devices from my Lupine battery. Since I had a solar panel and battery bank, it wasn't often that I needed it. But when I did, it performed great. My Nokia phone can be picky with chargers, and it didn't have any problem with that.

Also, when I rode to West Virginia last weekend, I left the solar panel and its battery at home. That's too short of a trip to bring that stuff along. I totally relied on my Lupine battery and the USB One to power my light and charge my phone and GPS. It's a very nice lightweight, compact way of doing medium-distance travel (500 to 1,000 miles).

For future travel, I think I'll buy a wristband and second remote for my Piko. I would love to be able to just press a button from my sleeping bag and have my Piko come on and light up my campsite when I need to get something from the bike, or take a leak. I would *really* love to see the remote timeout able to be set via the phone app for this reason. I think the remote only works for 2 hours after the Piko was last used. Increasing that to a higher number would be handy for a remote control light at any time during the night.

I'd also like to try out one of the smallest batteries Lupine makes. I guess that's now the 2.0 Ah. I LOVED the stealth combo of a Piko and my old 750 mAh batteries back in the day. Although I primarily kept the 750 mAh as an emergency backup, for short rides into Lancaster City, they were perfect for a very low-profile setup as a primary battery. I also wished I had one of the old Y-Cables that aren't made anymore. I know you can't run two lampheads off of one. But I wondered if I could run a lamphead and the USB One off of a single battery. That and a 13.2 Ah Smartcore would be incredibly awesome for travel.

Speaking of the SmartCore, that feature ROCKS! There were times I was out past dark, and of course many times where I was going many days between chargers. I never had to wonder about the status of my battery. It may not be that important for short trips, but for riding across the country through lots of wilderness, it's fantastic being able to instantly know the state of the battery.

Thanks again!

Lupine at the Trans-sylvania Mountain Bike Epic
Lupine North America- East Coast | MAY 29 - JUNE 2 2016

Lupine-sponsored riders trekked across some of central PA's rockiest mountain-bike trails in the grueling 5-day stage race known as the Trans-sylvania Epic.

In rain and then mud, riders showed their 'struggle faces' while competing in 30+ mile courses each day that included some serious elevation. But, the summer-camp style atmosphere completed the Epic, making it an experience.

Lupine Lights riders, Jason Reed and Tim Finn, led the pack in fundraising efforts for the PA Interscholastic Cycling League, a great cause that encourages youth, like Lupine rider Nate Boyer, to pursue the empowering sport of biking.

Congrats to the Lupine riders, and to all of the impressive athletes who showed us what they were made of in this truly epic kick-off to summer riding!

Here's a taste of the Epic, featuring Stage 4:

Lupine Night Ride with Kali Protectives & Kona Bike Shop
Lupine North America- West Coast | MAY 18 2016

Lupine West Coast rep, Cedar Kyes, partnered up with Kali Protectives, and Kona Bike Shop for a demo night ride, showing off the power of Lupine and Kali bike helmets. A true synergy of style, power and safety... and adventure!

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Review: Lupine Rotlicht Taillight
Bicycle Times Magazine | APR 26 2016

Bicycle Times’ Eric McKeegan was at first skeptical of the Rotlicht's sticker price, but was quickly sold on the Rotlicht for it's unmatched power, performance & safety features, saying:

"Lupine continues to release class-leading lights to the market, and the Rotlicht is no different. If you love riding with the latest technology, the Rotlicht is your huckleberry."

He was impressed by the accelerometer-activated brake light and the ambient light sensor, which he says "conserve(s) battery life on long rides while keeping the safety factor high."

Read the full review here. | Buy Rotlicht here.

In a comment on the review, Donald Stevenson adds this thoughtful insight about Lupine quality:

"What leaps out at me about this light is that it is put together by simple screws. Serviceable technology! Something you can fix! Parts you can replace! And a simple robust design. Considering how many lights I've owned that have made themselves obsolete through silly inherent vice, I applaud any company that makes a robust, serviceable product."

Lupine Title Sponsor at 2016 IIGO Relay

The 2016 International Intergalactic Global Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe proved to be yet another epic kick-off to the biking and racing season.

The 4-hour relay race, sponsored by Lupine and Stan's No Tubes, took costumed teams of bikers through a 3 mile course woods and farms of Marysville, PA. Check out photos here.

Interested in joining a relay team for the next iigo relay? Sign up here.

Lupine sponsors First Annual Tour de Gretna Bicycle Stage Race
Lupine North America- East Coast | APRIL 30 - MAY 2 2016

Explore event photos here

Snapshots: 2016 Easter Brew Hunt

The 2nd Annual Easter Brew Hunt collaboration with The Kona Bike Shop in Bellingham, WA, took mountain bike riders on an epic Easter Egg Hunt thorough Galbraith's wild mountain-biking trails.

The Easter eggs, hidden in sneaky locations throughout Galbraith's woods, contained an incredible range of prize coupons- from candy, beer and t-shirts to high-end bike gear, including helmets, pads, a bike frame and Lupine Lights.

As for the lucky Lupine winner? "I gave the winner a choice between a Piko 4 or the Neo + Rotlicht," says Lupine North America West Coast rep, Cedar Keyes.

The festive collaboration created a great opportunity for bikers to come together to explore the great outdoors with an added sense of adventure and surprise.

Keyes says, "It was a HUGE success and I believe it made a serious impact here in the local riding community."

Follow Cedar and his West Coast adventures with Lupine on Instagram at @cedrocosta

Fatty Snowride with Betty R & ROTLICHT
From Are Tallaksrud

Check out this snowy nighttime fat tire bike ride, illuminated by not one, but five Lupine lights, including theBetty R, Wilma, Piko and ROTLICHT tail light.

Lights by Lupine : Betty (handlebar) - Wilma (helmet) - 2 x Piko (xtra) - Rotlicht (seatpost) Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 silver and Session on a chesty with FeiYu tech WGS.

Vimeo video by Are Tallaksrud

5 Superb High End Night Riding Lights

"Meet the Piko 4 with 1500 lab-validated lumens. Add in a wireless remote that’s easily mounted on your bars and a sophisticated smartphone app that can control, configure and monitor the light, and this is the total package."

Read mtbr's full review of Lupine's new Piko 4 here.

RoadBikeReview Insider: Lupine Rotlicht Review
A smart, reliable light that senses motion and light

"We’ve used one Lupine ROTLICHT for a year and it’s as reliable as day one. The light is bright, lively but not annoying like many of the flashing or strobing tail lights. This can even be used in a peloton as riders behind you can tell when you’re decelerating. This is an light that can last decades and it is small and efficient with light and energy. It is easily portable from bike to bike as mounting is simple and effective."

Read RoadBikeReview Insider's recent praise for Rotlicht.


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