Rotlicht Max Tail Light

160 Lumens; 2W; Brake light (de-acceleration sensor) and bright light sensor; Runtime of up to 60h; Anodized black
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The Rotlicht with an extra large battery

Brake light, brightness sensor, a high-quality aluminum housing, sturdy front cover, 160 lumens and up to 60h runtime: The Rotlicht Max is a tail light with no equal!
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German innovation and precision-manufacturing pack incredible power and performance into a compact, durable housing, designed to last. In addition to the incredible brightness, the ROTLICHT has some incredible safety features - like a brake light and brightness sensor- ideal for cyclists, bicycle commuters, and nighttime adventure-seekers.

  • BRAKE LIGHT: When you brake, the built in acceleration sensor turns the light brighter to gain more attention on the streets.

  • BRIGHTNESS SENSOR: Automatic ambient light adjustment. If for example a car comes closer, the light turns brighter.


ROTLICHT's high-quality aluminum housing and the rugged polycarbonate front cover are extremely resistant and protect your red light from ruggesd wear-and-tear, dust and water.


With the durable EPDM strap, the ROTLICHT can easily be mounted on bicycle seat-tubes (from 22 - 55 mm diameter). Add versatility to your set-up by adding a ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount Kit and Crossbar Rail Mount to easily swap your light between bikes.


With the Rotlicht you have the choice of four different light modes and up to five different dimming levels available. With a single keystroke you switch between the light programs quickly and easily or adjust the sensor settings of your situation.

Take a look in the video below:




Lupine offers 20-plus years of precision-manufacturing and high-tech innovation- made in Germany.

We are one of the best in the industry relative to:
  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price to lumen output ratio
We offer the best warranty in the industry. And, we take pride in our customer support and service team that can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.


  • 2W 160 Lumens
  • G-Force sensor for brake light
  • Brightness sensor
  • 4 different and adjustable beam levels
  • Charging via Micro USB
  • CNC machined housing for long-lasting durability


The ROTLICHT comes with 4 different Light modes

1. Steady Light

2. Flash Light

3. Wave Pulse Light

4. Pulse Light

All light modes can be adjusted in intensity from 0.1W (10 Lumens) to 2W (160 Lumens). 

VIEW dim level demo

The following dim levels are adjustable:

Dimming Levels                                               Runtime

                                  Steady        Blink      Pulse      Steady+Impulse

0.1W                             60h            120h          --               50h

0.25W                           24h            48h         48h              20h

0.5W                             12h            24h         24h              10h

1W                                 6h             12h         12h               5h

2W                                 3h              6h           6h                --


We recommend purchasing the ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount Kit to securely place your light below the saddle. With the simple push of a button, you can easily unlock your light and charge, if necessary. 

If you already have your ROTLICHT Taillight mounted with the Seat Rail Mount Kit to one of your bikes, a spare Crossbar Rail Mount secured to your other bike allows you to seamlessly swap your ROTLICHT between bikes in seconds. This little accessory is a great way to add versatility to your nighttime biking setup.

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   Awesome !, March 17, 2021  By Anonymous (LOUISVILLE, KY)(Verified)
This is a must have - superior to all others
   Bigger battery = longer light!, September 7, 2019  By Adam Carr 
I posted this under the standard tail light model as it applies to this unit as well in terms of why I am happy with the unit. However the MAX version is obviously unique as this battery will last as long as my endurance rides over 4 hours. And on top of that allow me to forget to charge it for a few days.

I have the MAX version of this product and while it takes a moment to setup the way you prefer - it's excellent from there on out setting it and forgetting it. The light brightness itself is excellent but what I notice most relative to the other blinkies and lights I have had - is how well it's made. Of all the things I have to replace I don't want to be purchasing lights year in and year out after they die or break. This unit feels rugged and given how much I commute and ride I couldn't be more stoked.

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