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SL_A_AF_GoProAdapter_Short GoPro_SL_A_AF_Adapter SL_A_AF_GoProAdapter_Short  
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SL A/AF GoPro Adapter S(hort)

For holders aligned frontally (horizontal)
ITEM No:  1078
US $18.00
The 1078 is the short version of the GoPro adapter for SL A/AF.

The adapter in version "L" allows completely flexible mounting. The lamp head of the SL AF can be turned completely.
For a pure head over-mounting (vertical) we recommend the version "M". If the holder is aligned frontally (horizontal) we recommend the version "S".

Please note that while this is supplied with two o-rings: in most cases, only one is necessary to be effective.  Therefore, always first try to mount the lamp-head with only one of the o-rings! 
(i.e. put the screw with the mounted o-ring through the arm, and screw into lamphead; if needed, use other o-ring between arm and lamphead)

Arm length (back stop to middle screw):
Version L: approx. 42mm
Model M: approx. 35mm

Version S: approx. 22mm
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