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    Lupine warranty information

    Lupine is proud to offer a 2-year warranty on all of our lights. We offer a 1-year warranty on batteries. We provide a battery trade-in service that you can learn about in the Battery Trade In Guide

    We offer excellent customer support, and will help you resolve any issues beyond your warranty.

    If your product is under warranty, we will repair your product at no cost. Please submit a Request Service form to request repair or service and select the “Under Warranty” option for free service.

    Request service to your Lupine light or battery

    A Service Request form (below) is required in order to book service for your light, battery or other Lupine product. Please fill out the required fields below and submit your request to our Support Team. We will contact you within 24 hours of your request to confirm your service. Once your Lupine has been received, service will be completed with a 4-8 working day or better turn-around time.

    Standard service charges:

    Battery: $30 + shipping

    Neo/Piko: $30 + shipping

    Wilma: $40 + shipping

    Betty: $50 + shipping

    • Most services and repairs are done within 1-2 weeks after we receive your light.
    • Expedited service is available for an additional fee.
    • If your product us under warranty, we will repair your product at no cost. Not sure? Contact us.
    • If you know what service you need, and would like to pay for it now, please add the service option to your cart.

    Need a quote for service time? Need to check if your light is under warranty? Contact Dan.


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    Technical Information about Lupine Lights

    LED pioneers

    We were one of the first companies in the world to completely switch from halogen to LED. This advance in innovation, paired with our never-ending search for perfection, pushes us to design and produce brighter and brighter lights each year.


    Are Lupine lamps waterproof?

    Oftentimes, apparent defects are nothing more than an old, used up battery pack. For determining the age, look at the battery label; it states year and quarter of production. If you have been using the battery for more than six years, you cannot expect full performance any more. Please fill out a Service Request form.

    The glass of my Betty steams up in the center.

    This is due to the "cold" light emitted by LEDs, which does not heat up the glass as much as you might expect from other lights, like halogen lamps, for example. The mist is caused by the humidity of the air contained within the lamp; the lamp itself is watertight. The mist does not cause any problems. But, can be reduced by doing the following:

    Open the cover and leave the lamp switched on for several minutes to warm up. Screw the cover back on again when the lamp is still warm.

    Can I operate my lamp without the cooling wind?

    All of our LED lamps: yes, without limitations. All our lamps are absolutely heat-proof. Caution! The enclosure will heat up and you may burn your fingers.

    Help! My flashlight is shining only when the button is pressed.

    You are caught in the police mode. After 8 rapid keystrokes, the lamp will only shine when the trigger is pressed. Simply press the button again 8 times to disable this mode.

    The green LED on my Wiesel V3 charger does not come on.

    The simplest explanation is that the battery is fully charged. Only in very rare cases is the charger defective.

    Can I also use the Wiesel for charging large batteries?

    Basically yes; despite the longer charging time, the quality of charge will be very good with a Wiesel V3 sold in the year 2012.

    However with older Wiesel chargers sold before the year 2012, capacity losses will occur when charging large lithium-ion batteries (capacities of 7.5 Ah and up). The reason is that the charging current is not sufficient for fully charging these large batteries. Losses amount to approximately 1 Ah
    with a 7.5 Ah battery.

    How does Lupine determine lumen values?

    Unlike other companies, we measure the actual light output in-house at our German headquarters: Lumen measurement

    What is the life expectancy of the LEDs?

    The LEDs have an almost infinite life. Therefore, it makes more sense to look at how the luminance decreases over time. Our long-term tests indicate that the LEDs lose a mere 10% of their luminance
    after 2 years of permanent operation (17,500 hours).

    The short answer: Life expectancy is no longer an issue.

    Which LEDs does Lupine use in its lamps?

    We exclusively use Cree XM-L U4 LEDs. And, performance is tested regularly in our in-house integrating sphere.

    How many lux do our lamps produce?

    Principally, we do not provide lux values for our lamps, but only lumen values. Lux values are not reliable for judging the brightness of a lamp, as the luminance is only measured in one single point at a defined distance to the light source. To make it clear: the more focused the light, the higher the lux value; therefore, this value is not significant when it comes to real-life application. For example, a
    laser pointer produces an extremely high lux value, but it is not very suitable for lighting purposes.

    I have an old halogen lamp. Can I convert to LED?

    The lamp cannot be rebuilt, but it is possible to operate a LED lamp head with your old battery. Whether it makes sense to retrofit a Halogen set up to LED, depends primarily on the age and capacity of the battery. In particular, when a NI-MH battery or charger is present, sometimes you’re better off looking at our current complete sets instead of purchasing individual components.

    Lupine LEDs + optics

    Optimized Color Temperature

    Our lamps’ color temperature is optimized for the human eye – around 6500K. This clean, daylight-like white, optimizes night vision which is crucial when spotting obstacles, like slippery leaves and wet surfaces ahead. The color is also ideal for photography and videography.

    CREE LED Technology for Maximum Lumens

    Lupine uses Cree XM-L2 LEDs, which offer the highest lumen yield in this design format, and improved efficiency. Powerful illumination and a perfectly balanced image, guarantee excellent peripheral vision and range, boosting safety at night.

    Optimal coordination

    The lens systems of our lamps feature optics that are specifically developed by Lupine. So we can guarantee that all of the light is where you need it, simply on your trail.

    Perfect light focus

    In order to optimally illuminate both long-distance and close-distance ranges, several specially developed individual lenses have been perfectly arranged in order to focus 100% of the light exactly where you need it. Our perfectly matched system creates luminous images that are perfectly suited for nighttime biking and outdoor lighting.

    Minimized loss

    High-precision plastic optics made of pure polycarbonate reduce the rate of loss to a minimum. The accuracy of our precision injection procedure is a few micrometers. This is less than one tenth of the diameter of a single hair. Our lenses and reflectors have become the industry standard for all other manufacturers.


    Minimal parameter tolerances are unavoidable when manufacturing today's high-power LEDs, so Lupine selects all of its LEDs by color value and intensity within narrow margins of tolerance. Our exacting selection process ensures even brightness, especially in multi-LED systems such as Betty, as this plays a decisive role in the system's performance.


    Lupine faces a very specific challenge of following the rapid advances in LED technology on the one hand, while providing a sustainable product on the other. A great deal of development effort has gone into developing a completely modular system at Lupine using standardized components so as to make simple upgrading possible, giving you the opportunity to keep with the times without having to buy a whole new product.


    The PCS is more than a simple on and off switch: This is the true heart beat of each lamp. It controls the various light levels and modes and protects the battery from deep discharge. Our custom technology ensures optimum brightness, control and clean, white light.

    Programming options

    Our factory settings are optimal for most users. Unique in the world, our electronics offer many programming options, the 3-step mode with SuperFlash up to two weeks continuous light in extremely economical emergency mode. Programming is done conveniently via the button of the lamp.

    Light Test

    Experience the power of Lupine by comparing products in the Lupine Light Test tool.


    FL1 Standard

    Lupine uses the FL1 Standard, a method of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) used to standardize the measurement and testing of various manufacturers’ lights and headlamps.

    FL1 measures:
    Beam Distance
    Light Output
    Impact Resistance
    Run Time
    Water Resistance
    Maximum Brightness

    SmartCore Batteries

    Our intelligent SmartCore electronics pull power evenly from Li-ion battery cells, minimizing burnout, and maximizing the longevity of your battery. The battery also acts as a capacity gauge, offering visual and audio signals in 10% increments.


    Why does my SmartCore battery show incorrect values?

    Occasionally, in transit or through unintentional erratic button-pressing, the SmartCore capacity display can become un-calibrated and show false readings (e.g.: showing a fully-charged pack as being at 20 - 60%). This is due to an unexpected shutdown of the internal electronics, which delete the battery values.

    Re-calibrating your battery can solve this problem! It’s easy.

    Simply discharge the battery completely; then, reload. Everything should work smoothly after this is completed.

    If you have a Charger One, this is particularly convenient to implement, change the mode to unload / load and everything else is done automatically.

    Learn more about how to calibrate your SmartCore Battery with the re-calibration sequences with this guide (.pdf)
    How often can I recharge a lithium-ion battery pack? What is the life expectancy of my battery?

    The life of a battery pack depends on different factors: On the cell type, on how much it is used and on how it is treated. In general, you can 500-800 charging/discharging cycles before the battery's capacity decreases significantly (80% of the nominal value). This corresponds to approximately 3-5 years of battery life if the battery is used twice a week.

    How do low temperatures affect battery life and performance?

    Always charge the battery pack after use and keep it in a warm place; take it outside just before use. The insulation of bottles and bags may delay cooling by 2-3 hours. Only after that period of time, the cells in the interior are cold and will become slow, and the voltage status decreases.

    The loss of power at cold temperatures is considerably lower in lithium-ion batteries. However, it is still recommended to carry battery packs under your clothes in case of extreme sub-zero temperatures.

    My battery won't charge any more. What’s the cause and what can I do?

    In many cases, the battery and the charger are in perfect condition, but the battery protection has been triggered. For solving this problem, all you need is a little patience. Leave the battery connected to the charger (this may take a couple of hours), and the battery will charge again.

    How do I store a lithium-ion battery for several months?

    You may leave the battery connected to the charger. Power consumption is not measurable, as the battery's charging status is maintained by short current pulses every 2-4 minutes.

    If you do not want to leave the battery connected, charge the battery completely or, ideally, 40-50% and keep the battery in a cool place for no longer than 3 months.

    The place should be cool and, of course, dry. Temperatures below 15 °C are favorable (Caution! Keeping the battery in your home might be problematic during the summer).

    Extreme example: Storage of a fully charged lithium-ion battery at 30 °C (direct sun light) irreversibly damages the battery - it may even fail completely.

    I own a Charger One. How do I store my lithium-ion battery?

    Principally, lithium-Ions may be stored over a considerably longer period of time. Ideal storage conditions are achieved if the battery is stored with a charging status of 40-50% of the overall capacity. The Charger One provides a dedicated storage program (50%Li) for this purpose.

    I used the lithium-ion battery only for a short time. Should I still charge it again immediately? Or, use it again and discharge it?

    If you expect your next adventure to be no longer than the remaining battery capacity, do not charge the battery immediately. The life of a lithium-ion battery is also determined by the number of charging cycles. Each charging cycle, even the shortest, is recognized by the battery as such; therefore, avoid charging the battery unless it is really necessary.

    Can I use a small battery with a large lamp?

    All Lupine lamps and batteries are compatible. However, in reality, only a few combinations really make sense.

    The battery capacity decreases with a combination of high power consumption (Betty R high beam) and a small battery. The warning indicators will light up rather quickly if your lamp is permanently on high beam. The reserve power will also be exhausted after a very short time. Energy-efficient use with occasional activation of high beam is recommended in such a case. The life of a small battery decreases if full power is required regularly and permanently.

    I have a Ni-MH battery/charger and need a new battery.

    By now, the much more powerful lithium-ion technology has become the accepted standard throughout the industry and Lupine has also been using lithium-ion batteries for years. Our new lithium-ion batteries of course also work with all older lamp models. The only thing to be observed is that a lithium-ion battery also requires a lithium-ion charger. We suggest the Charger One.

    How do we determine the capacity of our battery packs?

    To obtain values you can rely on when using your lamp, for measurement purposes, we discharge at a high current of 2 A that mimics real-world application. This always results in slightly lower nominal values than those given by other manufacturers who discharge at lower currents in order to achieve promotional, high values.

    How high is the self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries?

    Lithium-ion batteries are unbeatable in this respect: at the most approximately 10% per month at a storage temperature of 20°C, at lower temperatures even less.

    Upgrade options for making the most of your Lupine system

    We offer a variety of Upgrade Kits for purchase on our website. These upgrades can be done easily at home, as many of our kits contain the tools needed to do the upgrades, as well a how-to manual

    Which lamps may be upgraded?

    Any Wilma and Betty lamp ever produced may be upgraded to the most recent technology with our latest LED boards. This is not only cost-efficient, but saves money, and conserves resources as well.

    • Piko and Piko TL can only be upgraded at Lupine. Book an Upgrade by filling out a Service Request Form.

    Can I upgrade my old Betty remote?

    Sorry. This technically is not possible.

    Which upgrade do I need for my lamp?

    The first question is: Do you actually need an upgrade or is your lamp already equipped with the latest LEDs? The latest LED board with CREE XM-L2 LEDs looks golden yellow through the lens holder. If your LED board looks green or red, you may upgrade your lamp.

    The only thing you need to observe is that lamps with an external switch require another upgrade than lamps with an internal switch.

    Can I perform the upgrade myself?

    Yes, comprehensive instructions are included with the upgrade kit.

    Options for mounting your light

    Lupine’s range of mount options makes it easy to add versatility to your light. Easily

    transform your light from a headlamp to a helmet lamp, or attach it to your handlebar via quick-release mount. Our numerous fastening systems offer you the right mount for every activity- whether you’re mountain biking, camping, running, skiing, climbing or working.


    Our self-developed FastClick system allows you to mount your battery directly on your headlamp or helmet. Swapping fresh batteries has never been easier.

    3M Dual Lock

    The 3M Dual Lock system allows you to mount a Lupine lamp or FastClick battery mount to almost any non-vented helmet or other object with a smooth surface. Ideal for caving, construction, skiing and endurance-racing helmets.

    Battery Mounts

    Using non-slip hook-and-loop fasteners of various lengths, you can easily and securely mount our batteries either to the bicycle frame, seat tube, or directly to a helmet.

    Explore our online shop for other mount options

    Can I mount my Lupine flashlight to a handlebar?

    Yes. There are several mounts available for our Piko TL. With our tool-free holder, your are able to mount your PTL on nearly every common handlebar.

    Please note there is no handlebar mount available for our Betty TL2.

    How can I turn my Piko helmet lamp into a headlamp?

    Unscrew the locking screws on both sides and mount the lamp to the identical mounting unit on the Piko headband. Then tighten the screws.

    Can I attach a Piko to my old Wilma or Betty headband?

    No. For the Piko you will need the dedicated Piko headband.

    What is the difference between the HD and the normal headband?

    The HD headband was developed especially for heavily active users. Our regular headband provides sufficient stability for running. However, if you are into cross-country running and need to jump creeks and ditches from time to time, the HD headband offers additional stability.

    Can all Lupine lamps be mounted either to the headband or the helmet mount?

    With exception of our flashlights, there are helmet or headbands available for all of our lights.

    Bluetooth information&Smartphone APP downloads

    Bluetooth integration allows for quick, safe and cable-free control of your lights with the simple push of a button mounted on your handlebar or wrist. Or, by using the new Lupine app on your Smartphone.

    Which lamps have Bluetooth?

    All lamps with an "R" in the name are delivered with integrated Bluetooth.

    In addition, the Light Control app for iOS and Android operating systems allows convenient programming and retrieval of other status information of the lamp.

    Download the Lupine App for Android | iPhone

    Which lamp models are Bluetooth convertible?

    Important: Bluetooth cannot be upgraded. The only exception is the current model of Wilma 7 Wilma and X7. This lamp has a built-in Bluetooth receiver. It can be operated using the App and remote.

    Why has my Bluetooth remote button dimmed?

    With declining battery power of the transmitter, the lighting gets weaker until the remote control stops working. Purchase a replacement Bluetooth Button battery.

    My lamp does not respond to the Bluetooth remote. What should I do?

    The lamp head and transmitter are not properly connected. Repeat the binding process and take a look at the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter).

    If your remote button is dim, or doesn’t light up, most likely, the transmitter battery is empty or the button battery inside the transmitter is inserted incorrectly. Check the battery and take a look at the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter / battery change).

    The lamp suddenly can no longer be controlled via Bluetooth remote, despite a successful bond.

    If the lamp head is connected to the battery and does not use the lamp for about 2 hours, the Bluetooth module is going to switch off automatically. After re-connecting the battery with your lamp or pressing the button on the lamp head, the Bluetooth module will be reactivated.

Please contact our Customer Service Director, Dan Haus: