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USB One (shown w/battery, phone and cable, not included) turns your Lupine battery into a charge station!

Turn a Lupine battery into The Ultimate Charging Machine
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The USB ONE transforms your Lupine battery into a mobile power-bank. Almost every USB device can be charged quickly!

Ideal for charging your smartphone while camping, caving, or traveling.
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With the USB ONE, you can charge USB devices directly from a Lupine battery.  
Output: 5V / 1.5A

With the USB ONE you can charge USB devices directly from a Lupine battery. For example, you can charge our Rotlicht, cell phone, tablet, GPS and more from your Lupine battery!

Output: 5V/1.5A

Input: 7.2V and 14.4V Lupine batteries

(N.B.  The USB ONE is not made to charge a Lupine battery!)


Here are samples how many times you can charge the different devices with our Lupine batteries.

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
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   Perfect power portability, December 7, 2016  By Mike F. (Lancaster, PA)
This device is perfect for power management on long-distance travel. Need to charge your cell phone, GPS, or music device? Plug this into your Lupine battery, and you instantly have a USB power outlet. It provides on-the-fly charging of all USB devices, even while pedaling down the road or trail. This was perfect for my long-distance bicycle rides where I would be in areas that had no access to a power outlet. Also check out the USB Charger, that performs the opposite task of this device, allowing you to charge your Lupine battery by a USB Outlet when you find one on your travels.
   USB One - Pocket wizard, July 20, 2015  By Anonymous (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Super small and almost weightless. This little guy charged my iPhone 5s very quickly. I got at least 2.5 to 3 full charges out of a 2.2Ah battery. Worked flawlessly on a 6 night hut trip in CO/UT. I kept checking that little device to see where those clever Germans hid the Wizard. Highly recommended!!!
   Lupine simplified my life. Thanks to USB ONE!, February 16, 2015  By Jud (Dover, NH)
Einfach und Genial = Simply Genius. This a true statement. If owning a Lupine wasn't cool enough...intro plz, USB ONE! Thank you Wolf.
I'm a simple man. However, I've seemed to accumulate 6 devices/gadgets, some of which have multiple batteries, with USB charge capabilities. OK, well all of which I can charge from my MacBook, car or wall. Well over the years I've accumulated a bunch (10) Lupine Li-Ion batteries. Caring for all these batteries to ensure their long life is important. So I now use my batteries to charge all these devices. I certainly can't night ride often enough to properly discharge/charge all of these Lupine batteries. I live in New England and winters are ruthless. I have fully charged Lupine batteries strategically stashed at work, in the car and in the tool box, ready to charge something. Heck, the other day I even charged my i-phone in my pocket while I was snowboarding and riding chair lifts.
Charge time is 1.5 hrs for old i-phone 4. I have been getting 5 full i-phone charges on a full 4.5Ah Li-Ion batt. No sense in worrying where your next charge will come from because of a lack of power supply. Lupine is your mobile power-bank!
I often compare Lupine to BMW and hold them to similar standards The ultimate lighting machine! That being said, if you don't own a Lupine yet, the USB ONE is another quality reason to join the family. Lupine has simply made my life easier.

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