With a Lupine LED light on your mountain or road bike handlebars or helmet, you can literally turn night into day and spot every challenge in sight. 

German engineering packs cutting-edge technology, like CREE LED and Bluetooth, into a stable yet lightweight housing, milled from a single piece of aluminum. And, no ride will ever need to be cut short with the long-lasting power of SmartCore battery technology.

Our CNC-machined Quick-release Handlebar Mount, offers the stability and durability to keep your light where it needs to be on your handlebars while on rugged terrain. And, add a compatible headband to your setup to transform your light into a headlamp for camping or hiking.

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Betty R 14
Betty R 14 Helmet Light System5000 Lumens; 150g Lamp; 13.8 Ah SmartCore Battery; Bluetooth; Runtime 2 - 310 Hours; 610g Total System Weight
US $995.00
Alpha Light System for Bar-mounting7200-lumen Powerhouse!
US $1,295.00
Lupine 2019 Alpha light
Alpha Helmet Light System7200-lumen Powerhouse!
US $1,285.00
Products 25 - 27 of 27
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