Each year, Lupine pushes the envelope of innovation to improve upon what is already hailed as a world leader in LED lighting.

New to the Lupine family in 2016 is a line of LED lamps with integrated Bluetooth, empowering you to easily and safely control of up to 5 lamps simultaneously with the push of a button mounted to your wrist, handlebar or Smartphone App for Android and iPhone. Bluetooth means freedom when you're focusing on your next move on a single-track trail or extreme slope.

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Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet MountMounts Bluetooth Remote Button on wrist or road-style shifter levers (For control of R model Lupine lights)
US $8.00
Peppi V5 Mount for Bluetooth Remote
Peppi V5 Mount for Bluetooth RemoteFor Bluetooth Remote and old Betty R Remote
US $12.00
Bluetooth Remote
Bluetooth Remote for Piko R, Wilma R and Betty Bluetooth RControls Lupine Piko R, Wilma R and Betty R Bluetooth-equipped remote systems
US $49.00
2-Way Bluetooth RemoteControls Lupine Blika R model lights
US $53.00
Betty R Remote ButtonSpare Betty R remote switch
US $45.00
Peppi V4 Bar-mount for older 4500-lumen-and under RF Betty R Remote ButtonHandlebar mounting for Betty R remote switch
US $25.00
Spare Battery for Bluetooth Remote
Spare Battery for Bluetooth RemoteCR2032 battery for new Bluetooth Remote
US $4.00