Each year, Lupine pushes the envelope of innovation to improve upon what is already hailed as a world leader in LED lighting.

New to the Lupine family in 2016 is a line of LED lamps with integrated Bluetooth, empowering you to easily and safely control of up to 5 lamps simultaneously with the push of a button mounted to your wrist, handlebar or Smartphone App for Android and iPhone. Bluetooth means freedom when you're focusing on your next move on a single-track trail or extreme slope.

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Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet MountMounts Bluetooth Remote Button on wrist or road-style shifter levers (For control of R model Lupine lights)
US $8.00
Bluetooth remote control (SL AF / SL AX)The remote for the SL AF and SL AX
US $53.00
Peppi V5 Mount for Bluetooth Remote
Peppi V5 Mount for Bluetooth Remote
Peppi V5 Mount for Remote for (road) bars up to 32mm diameter away from the stemFor Bluetooth Remote and older Betty R Remote
US $12.00
Bluetooth Remote
Bluetooth Remote for Piko R, Wilma R and Betty Bluetooth RControls Lupine Piko R, Wilma R and Betty R Bluetooth-equipped remote systems
US $49.00
2-Way Bluetooth RemoteControls Lupine Blika R model lights
US $53.00
Bluetooth remote control V2Bluetooth remote control V2
US $53.00
Peppi V4 Bar-mount for older 4500-lumen-and under RF Betty R Remote ButtonHandlebar mounting for Betty R remote switch
US $25.00
Spare Battery for Bluetooth Remote
Spare Battery for Bluetooth RemoteCR2032 battery for new Bluetooth Remote
US $4.00