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Charger One

The Ultimate Charging Machine
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Lupine's Charger One boasts a fully illuminated, comprehensive, integrated LCD display panel, which displays the charging voltage and current, as well as the charged capacity, along with an audible end-of-cycle signal.
US $188.00

The fastest and best Lupine charger of all! When talking lighting systems with rechargeable batteries, the quality of the charger is obviously of high importance and is a point often overlooked when making system comparisons. At Lupine, we were not satisfied with available standard charging systems, as they often do not give a full charge. In fact, inferior chargers can shorten the lifespan of a battery.The charger was developed to charge all Lupine batteries. Even older Lupine NiMH (and NiCd) batteries are fully compatible with the Charger One. Out of the box, the Charger One is set to charge the specific battery type your lighting system was supplied with. It is not necessary to change any settings; just plug in the battery and the Charger One will give a fast, and more importantly, high quality charge.The LCD display provides you with very useful information, like the capacity charged-in, and it displays “full” once the charging is finished.Last but not least, it's handsome and solidly-built, with its nice Polycarbonate and aluminum housing.
  • Charging current — up to 2.5A
  • LCD display
  • Rugged housing
  • Compatible batteries: Li-Ion 7.2 V
  • North American plug
  • 12Vdc adapter for charging from your car
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   Must-have to make batteries last forever, December 7, 2016  By Mike F. (Lancaster, PA)
I got my first Charger One 11 years ago with my Lupine Edison headlamp. Since then I always kept the battery topped off with it, using the default settings. Incidentally, topping off may actually reduce battery life with other chargers.

On a recent medium-distance (500-mile) roundtrip ride I decided to see how well that old battery was still performing. I attached it to my Piko TL. I kept the Piko on the low setting at all times while pedaling during the day, and on medium while riding at night and during illumination of my campground. The battery never got low, even though I never charged it during the 250-mile, two-day ride to my destination.

I like that the Charger One charge settings can be custom configured. I recently got a second Charger One and keep it set to 0.2 Ah for a gentle charge. I keep my original one at a 2 Ah charge setting for faster charges, for instance when doing long-distance bicycle rides where I have limited time to use power outlets.

When an 11-year-old Lithium Ion battery is still able to perform this well, I think this demostrates the quality of charge the Charger One provides—and the quality of the batteries. The Charger One isn’t inexpensive. But the return on investment by preserving your batteries and giving them longevity is worth it.
   Best Charger on the planet or anywhere else!, September 30, 2016  By Mark Hendershot (Grand Rapids, MI)
I've been using the Charger One since the late Ninety's. First I was using it for 24 hour solo racing then for The pedicab business I own. I have used it for about 3 to 4 days a week and it has worked flawlessly the entire time I've had it. I attribute it to keeping my batteries going for all this time. I would highly recommend this charger to anyone looking to keep there lighting running for the long hall.
   Best Bike Light Charger On the Market!!, December 31, 2015  By Joe Wright (Squamish BC)
I have been using the charger 1 for about five years now. It has performed flawlessly. One really nice feature the video didn't bring up,,,is how well this charger can improve the capacity on older battery''s past their prime. One of my lights is an almost six year old Wilma TL with the original battery. It was loosing capacity and I checked the manual and set the ChargerOne to a low charging output of .05Ah. This restored the battery pretty close to full capacity. Very impressive as I thought I was going to need to purchase another battery. I would recommend this Charger to any serious night time mountain biker. Only thing I'd like to see is Lupine make connector adapters for other brands. Seems the only other option for those using other brands that want this kind of charger is to use an RC type.