German-manufacturing and innovation are the keys to Lupine's innovative line of chargers and adapters. Quick charge-times, reliable functionality, and unique features make these charges state-of-the-art.

The USB One allows you to create a mobile charging station with any Lupine battery, powering up your Smartphone or any USB device.

The USB Two allows you to power or charge up your Smartphone or other compatible USB device while simultaneously powering your light.

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USB-C Penta Charging Cord
USB-C charging wire for the Penta
US $10.00
USB-B Rotlicht cord
Micro-B USB cable
US $10.00
USB Charger
USB Charger
Charges Lupine batteries via any USB port
US $23.00
USB Two Charger
NEW!! Charge your smartphone or other device while running your light!
US $32.00
docking station for Betty TL Pro flashlight
Docking Station for Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Docking station for Betty TL2 Pro
US $215.00
Charger One
The Ultimate Charging Machine
US $188.00
Charger One for Alpha (14.4V system)
The Ultimate Charging Machine. Our new Alpha light runs on a 14.4V system. Therefore, this Charger One was modified for Alpha battery version.
US $188.00
Wiesel Charger V5
1200mA; for Li-Ion batteries only
US $45.00
Micro Charger / Li-Ion
2-amp charging current
US $110.00
Piko TL Charger Converter Cable
Piko TL Charger Converter Cable
Converter; neccessary for charging Piko TL from all Lupine 2 pin chargers
US $12.00
Piko TL Charger V5/V4/V3
Specifically for Piko TL series Flashlights
US $47.00
US AC-to-DC Power Supply for Microcharger and Charger One
Only the component at right: DOES NOT include charger box shown on left of image.
US $41.00
US $18.00
Products 1 - 14 of 14