German-manufacturing and innovation are the keys to Lupine's innovative line of chargers and adapters. Quick charge-times, reliable functionality, and unique features make these charges state-of-the-art. 

The USB One allows you to create a mobile charging station with any Lupine battery, powering up your Smartphone or any USB device.

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USB Charger
USB Charger
Charges Lupine batteries via any USB port
US $23.00
docking station for Betty TL Pro flashlight
Docking Station for Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Docking station for Betty TL2 Pro
US $215.00
US $18.00
Charger One
The Ultimate Charging Machine
US $188.00
Wiesel Charger V5
1200mA; for Li-Ion batteries only
US $45.00
Micro Charger / Li-Ion
2-amp charging current
US $110.00
Piko TL Charger Converter Cable
Piko TL Charger Converter Cable
Converter; neccessary for charging Piko TL from all Lupine 2 pin chargers
US $12.00
Piko TL Charger V4/V3
Specifically for Piko TL series Flashlights
US $47.00
US AC-to-DC Power Supply for Microcharger and Charger One
Only the component at right: DOES NOT include charger box shown on left of image.
US $41.00
Products 1 - 10 of 10