Lupine's new E-Bike Lights' glare-free, sensor-controlled daytime running light increases your visibility on the road. The beam pattern was especially designed to meet even the strictest German regulations for road-use headlights, yet still make the most of your riding skills when taking your E-MTB off-road.

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Lupine SLSF Bosch (Purion/Kiox) ebike
Lupine SL SF / Bosch –– the SL F with Hi-beam –– for e-bikes with Bosch Purion and Kiox drive systemsSensor-controlled daytime running light with traffic-friendly 900-lumen low beam and 1300-lumen high beam
US $365.00
2019 Lupine SL X Bosch Brose Shimano ebike
Lupine SL X –– the high-performance Hi-beam –– for e-bikes with Bosch, Brose, or Shimano drive systemsSensor-controlled daytime running light with traffic-friendly low beam and up to 1800-lumen high beam
US $410.00
Light cable for Bosch SL140 cm light cable for Bosch E-bikes
US $12.00
C14G rackmount
C14 GE-Bike Tail Light for rack mounting. Compatible with Shimano drive units. Also for Bosch, Brose and Yamaha drive units, but a separate light cable is needed. (Not included, sold separately - please see dropdown)
US $65.00
Light cable for Shimano SLLight cable for Shimano E-bikes
US $12.00
Light cable Yamaha SLLight cable for Yamaha E-bikes
US $12.00
Scotchlok Connector SetScotchLok connectors with heat shrink tube covering
US $3.00
Light cable for Lupine SL S for Brose S motorsLight cable for Brose "S" E-bikes
US $12.00
C14E-Bike Tail Light
US $85.00
C14 Tail light Cable guides with 3M padsWith the self-adhesive cable guides, the light cable can be led cleanly from the seat tube to the engine of your e-bike. The soft 3M adhesive pads ensure that the clamp can be easily attached to slightly curved surfaces. The cable guides are also ideal for attaching the cable of the SL remote controls directly to the handlebars.
US $6.00
Cabled remote for SL F
SL F Cabled Remote with cable length optionsCabled remote for SL F. These are the standard cables for the SL F E-Bike lights. The remote can be changed by yourself. Available lengths: 29cm; 45cm; 67cm; 227cm; 267cm (mounted)
US $22.00
SL Adapter for stems wider than 46mm
SL AF 50mm stem kit (Stems wider 46 mm)For centering lamphead on 50mm wide stems. Also useful for mounting lamps under computer mounts.
US $5.00
Products 25 - 41 of 41
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