Lupine's new E-Bike Lights' glare-free, sensor-controlled daytime running light increases your visibility on the road. The beam pattern was especially designed to meet even the strictest German regulations for road-use headlights, yet still make the most of your riding skills when taking your E-MTB off-road.

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C14E-Bike Tail Light
US $85.00
Cabled remote for SL F
SL F Cabled Remote with cable length optionsCabled remote for SL F. These are the standard cables for the SL F E-Bike lights. The remote can be changed by yourself. Available lengths: 29cm; 45cm; 67cm; 227cm; 267cm (mounted)
US $22.00
SL Adapter for stems wider than 46mm
SL AF 50mm stem kit (Stems wider 46 mm)For centering lamphead on 50mm wide stems. Also useful for mounting lamps under computer mounts.
US $5.00
Products 25 - 31 of 31
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