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E-Bike Tail Light
ITEM No: 795 - 318 / 349 / 356 / 364 / 386  
The exceptionally powerful 45 lumen rear light is fully integrated into the saddle clamp. Please measure your seatpost to determine the appropriate size. Sizing listed is representative of the approximate outside diameter of the seat tube for which the tail light will fit.

Ample wire leads from the light are ready for Shimano's screw terminals.  Dedicated plugs are required for two Brose drives, and the Bosch input.  Select the plugs from the dropdown below; the plugs connect to the tail light's wires with the Scotchlok connectors included with those plugs.

Note: C14 is compatible with both E6100 and E8000 Shimano motors

Please select the diameter size of your frame's collar from the drop-down below
US $85.00
Mtr Connector: 
The saddle clamp and the integrated rear light are made of black anodized, CNC-milled aluminium, the optics are made of robust polycarbonate. 

The C14 is impact resistant and waterproof to IPX6 standards.

Thanks to the latest LED technology and powerful Fresnel style lenses, the C14 achieves exceptionally high visibility with reduced glare. The special arrangement of the 14 LEDs and an ingenious lens system also create a previously unattainable even lighting output providing unparalleled visibility.

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   Perfect design for secure, but adjustable mounting, December 7, 2016  By Mike F. (Lancaster, PA)(Verified)
The handlebar mount allows easy tilting of the Piko body to adjust the beam angle, as well as mounting in unique ways. I find that the Piko is best mounted upside-down on my triathlon bikes, to avoid interfering with my arms on the aerobars. But this mount also has advantages when mounting traditionally.

The quick release allows you to remove the light in an instant if locking your bike up outside while heading into a shop or restaurant.

The best feature is that the light angle can be easily adjusted without the need to touch the quick release. Simply push on the body of the Piko, and adjust to your desired angle. Lupine did an excellent job getting the tension on this adjustment just right. It can be easily done with a light touch, but not change from the shock and vibration of riding.

Since my Piko is bright on its factory low setting, I use it during the day for increased visibility. With the handlebar mount, just tilt the Piko body until it aims straight ahead. This will produce a beacon that is very visible to drivers and pedestrians, even in full sunlight. Once evening arrives, simply tilt the Piko body down at an angle to illuminate the ground in front of you. It’s really that easy!
   Great products and customer service, November 21, 2016  By Anonymous (Broomfield, CO)(Verified)
Well-constructed mount that takes up a very small amount of space on my handlebars. I had originally ordered an incompatible combination of battery and helmet mount and Bill caught it right away. A great combination of good quality lights and customer service. I'm glad I mounted this on my handlebars, I can aim my Piko to illuminate the road an avoid blinding on-coming bicyclists.
   Excellent mount!, May 20, 2016  By Adrian (St Paul, MN)
It is well made, excellent craftsmanship! You can rotate it down and place the light (Piko 900 lumens, in my case) flush with the handlebars, to minimize the air resistance. Many other lights have mounts that force you to place the light either above the handlebars or below (where it looks weird). I''ve had it for several years, never had any problems with it. That''s why I like Lupine, even though it''s spendy...
   Works Exceptionally Well, January 4, 2016  By Anonymous (Golden, CO)
I was confused by all the mount options for my Piko, so initially I had ordered the GoPro mount thinking I would try a bunch of different ways to mount my light. GoPro mounts are the USB of the mount world. This Quick-Release- CNC-Machined Handlebar Mount was included in the shipment to test.

A little about me and my setup. I'm an XC MTB rider and I use a light on the helmet as well on the bars. I like having the helmet for directionality and the bars for trail texture. I also intended to use this light for commuting, but the snow came early this year.

Mounting the Piko onto the mount was a breeze. Initially I was skeptical because there was no left/right adjustment for the stem mount. But I popped it onto my stock Specialized Epic handlebars and headed out into the darkness.

The up/down adjustment is just right. Firm, but easy to manipulate. I was concerned that it would bounce around and lose its calibration. It didn't.

Riding at full pace on rocky colorado trails the mount stayed put and the Piko didn't budge its aim. I was occasionally fine tuning the aim up/down but never wanted for a left/right adjustment.

After the ride I examined the stem near the mount, no issues. This clamps HARD. It's not going anywhere. The no tools on/off mount and release is very nice.

After a few rides and a snowstorm I put it on my fatbike, a Salsa Mukluk. Initially, I had to contend with a Garmin mount on the same side of the stem. That put the mount a little more lateral, on the small(er) part of the handlebars. This required tightening down the bolt so far that it interfered with the quick-release mechanism but it worked. If this was my permanent setup, I would have cut the bolt to size. Instead, I moved the Garmin and snugged this mount next to my stem. Magic.

I've used this mount on a bunch of rides now on both my XC and my fatbike. It's been wet and cold (coldest 3F). It has never released and I haven't had any trouble with the Piko bouncing and moving its up/down adjustment.

In summary, if you have stock stem and bars, this mount is awesome. If you're in doubt of the diameter, measure it. It's small, light, and locks the light in place. Oh... and that original GoPro style mount I ordered? It's still in the packaging.
   A tiny work of art, September 21, 2011  By CX racer (barrington, IL)
I wanted to be able to quickly switch my PIKO 3 from one bike to another, and this fit the bill perfectly. The PIKO 3 is a tiny work of art in and of itself and this mount is a compliment to that as well. It takes up less than .25 of space on the handlebar leaving room to keep my computer and hr monitor mount where they are on the bar. Depending on the cable configuration of each bike, I can have the light tucked neatly beneath the stem, or over the top of it. Initially, it may seem pricey for what it is a bike mount after all. But it's worth every penny once you use it.

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