Endure Top Tube Case from Speedsleev
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Endure Top Tube Case from Speedsleev

Durable nylon case for biking essentials
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The Endure Top Tube Case by Speedsleev is the perfect companion for long-distance cycling or mountain-biking. Made of durable, waterproof nylon, this sleek zip-top black case allows you to securely carry biking essentials, like an extra Lupine battery or your smartphone. 
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Great for carrying all Lupine battery models, including the 13.2Ah battery which fits snuggly inside. And, Speedsleev design means minimal interference with your ride. 

About Speedsleev

Speedsleev products is owned by cyclists and was created out of the need for a better way to carry essentials on the bike. Not being happy with what was currently being offered, Speedsleev redesigned it from the ground up. They believe that the end result is the best functioning and most attractive looking saddle pack on the planet.
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   Good mount!, May 20, 2016  By Adrian (St. Paul, MN)
I've used it with my older 11.2 Ah battery. Please note that this case was not specifically designed for Lupine batteries, therefore, I wish it had a cutout for the cable to come out more elegantly (horizontally), rather than coming out vertically, but it''s not that big of a deal, because Lupine cables are very supple and bendable. There are some indentations on the case towards the front, I suppose it signifies something, exactly what hard to say, maybe their company logo? The case doesn't have a loop to go around a headset, however, it stays put on the top tube. When I used it on top of the top tube, I wasn't impressed, because my knees sometimes would hit the case or just be too close to case for comfort. It had nothing to do with the case, just the battery size. There is a little space left in the case if you wish to stuff your keys in it. In the end I went with original Speedsleev's size small (which was acquired directly from Speedsleev) and 3.3 Ah fast-click battery mounted on the down tube, with Piko 900 lumens in the flash mode during the day with the green filter (to attract motorists' attention) and couldn't be happier. Please note that on Gretna's website they have size Large Speedsleev (even though it is not indicated), and as such, size Large (which I also have) would be better suited for 5.6-6.6 Ah batteries. This top tube case is made in Taiwan.
   Rock solid battery mount, February 10, 2016  By CL (Vancouver)
I commute daily and this case makes it easy to remove the battery while leaving the mount on the bike. The mount is very robust with rubber wings and stretch Velcro straps. The case prevents any movement of the heavy battery when on road or trail at speed. Must have accessory for an unbeatable lighting system.