Unleash the full power of Lupine in the palm of your hand. Durable, waterproof aluminum housing paired with cutting-edge lumen output, and long-lasting battery, make Lupine's line of flashlights the top in the game. With a Lupine flashlight, you can flood an entire valley with a pure, white light that mimics the color temperature of the sun. Mount a flashlight to a tripod for the ideal light source for photography.

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battery tank for Betty TL Pro flashlight
9.9Ah / 70Wh Battery tank for Betty TL2 Pro
for Betty TL, classic Wilma TL and Tesla TLs
US $295.00
Piko TL Mini Max Flashlight
Piko TL MiniMax Flashlight
1600 Lumens; 2.0 Ah Built-in Battery; Runtime 1 - 47 Hours; 145g Total Weight
US $365.00
Betty TL2 Flashlight
Betty TL2 Flashlight
5000 Lumens; 45W LED; 6.6 Ah Li-Ion Batterytank; Runtime 1 - 80 Hours; 390g Total Weight
US $900.00
flashlight with docking station
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Includes Docking Station, 5000 lumens, 10.4Ah battery
US $995.00
6.9Ah Battery Tank
6.9Ah Battery-tank
Runtime up to 160 Hours; 270 g
US $160.00
Piko TL Max Flashlight
Piko TL Max Flashlight
1600 Lumens; 3.3 Ah Built-in Battery; Piko TL Charger; Runtime 1:30 - 80 Hours; 185g Total Weight
US $385.00
docking station for Betty TL Pro flashlight
Docking Station for Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Docking station for Betty TL2 Pro
US $215.00
Products 1 - 7 of 7