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Thomas Adriaan Morel



Bergen, Norway

Morel's motto:

"I live to capture the usual in an unusual way. I love to chase moments that go by too rapidly for your eye to see."

Including a solo expedition in the Norwegian mountain landscapes, of which he took this stunning image at night, completely illuminated by this single Lupine headlamp.

"I had just bought my first Lupine 2400 Lumen headlamp, and had it with me. I am a professional photographer, and ambassador for Hasselblad, Broncolor and DJI. I am really impressed by the light quality of the Lupine gear."

Team Lupine Racing USA



Team Lupine loves racing, whether it is adventure racing, mountain bike racing, trail marathons, or an orienteering event, our pursuit of adventure is limitless. We seek adventures because it excites, rewards, exhilarates, and awakens something within us that stretches our minds, bodies, and spirits to the edges of our human potential and beyond. Most importantly, we support, encourage, and believe in our fellow teammates, as we rise by lifting each other. We invite you to join in our journeys.

"We wouldn't want anyone else to be our top sponsor and we have loved the relationship and support you have given us through the years. I have to say that Wilma and all of the lights have given us an almost unfair advantage over the competition.Again, thank you so much for your support."

-Jason Zorilla





Although Campeau multi-million dollar business, his passion for dog mushing challenging yet successful completion as a rookie racer of the 1,000 mile Iditarod and Yukon Quest sled dog races. Jason grabbed the tittle as the first musher from Canada to finish the two races as a Rookie.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jason placed top 20 and top 10 respectively. Prior to this once in a lifetime achievement, Jason scored his first championship of competitive racing in 2013 at the 200 mile Canadian Challenge.

"The (Lupine) product held up great in some of the harshest conditions that the Quest and Iditarod have seen in years (-60).

I also really liked the USB key that was able to attach to a lupine battery.

As you can imagine going from Whitehorse, Canada to Nome, Alaska on a dog sled was quite the challenge and we did not often get a chance to recharge things so it was nice to have a couple extra batteries."

Col Dave Ashley, US Air Force

US Military Endurance Sports Adventure Racing

Rev3 Adventure Racing

The United States Military Endurance Sports (USMES) team has over 1000 members, who are all either currently serving or are former US military members, including wounded warriors.

The club supports runners, cyclists of all types, and adventure racers.

"I'm a long-time user of Lupine Lights and have continued to rave about them to my friends and fellow racers, and have been the fortunate beneficiary of your store's sponsorship and support for around 10 years. I can't thank you enough for that consistent generosity."