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Bluetooth Remote for Piko R, Wilma R and Betty Bluetooth R

Controls Lupine Piko R, Wilma R and Betty R Bluetooth-equipped remote systems
ITEM No: 1090  

Bluetooth Technology allows you to seamlessly control up to five Lupine lamps simultaneously and with lighting speed via remote control in your hand or directly from the handlebar- without delay, without cable and without safety risk.

We are the first company worldwide to have equipped our lamps with a BLUETOOTH 4.0 chip. 

•••••••The 1090 Bluetooth Remote is NOT compatible with Blika R and Alpha R, which require the two-button Bluetooth remote 2090.•••••••
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All 2016 "R" model Lupine Lights (with an “R” in the name) have integrated BLUETOOTH technology and a BLUETOOTH remote control.

The Bluetooth Remote is suitable for new lights:
  • 15W Piko 1500 Lumen (with Bluetooth)
  • 28W Wilma 3200 Lumen (with Bluetooth)
  • 45W Betty R 5000 Lumen (with Bluetooth)
  • NOT for pre-2016 Betty R (using RF remote system)
*Note: There is still a version of each light available without BLUETOOTH. Unfortunately, you can not upgrade the old remote lights to the new Bluetooth standard. Also you can not turn a NO Bluetooth light into a Bluetooth light by simply buying the remote switch.

Add Versatility

Mount your Bluetooth Remote button directly on your wrist with the Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount. This allows for easy control over your light setup, while you stay focused on your biking, skiing, camping or hunting adventure.

Or, secure the Armlet Mount, using the hook and loop fastener strap, directly on your road bike handlebars for easy control your lights while you rule the road (shown below).

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