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SL Nano AF 5

The SL Nano is the smallest, brightest and as we find also the most beautiful in its class. StVZO compliant - whether in high beam, low beam or daytime driving mode
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With glare-free low beam

The SL Nano AF is a small, lightweight StVZO-approved bicycle lamp with 1100 lumens high beam, 700 lumens
low beam, daytime running light function, external battery and Bluetooth remote control.

The SL Nano AF is mounted with the quick release. The battery is attached to the top or bottom tube of the frame with
the enclosed coated velcro tape. In the dark the lamp switches automatically from daytime running light to low beam.
The remote control can then be used to switch between low and high beam and is mounted to the handlebar with
the Peppi holder.

US $445.00
Handlebar diameter: 

And high beam

1100 lumens of high beam from such a small lamp seem almost unbelievable. With the Bluetooth remote control you can switch between low and high beam in a fraction of a second or dim your current light level.

Full focus

The SL Nano owes its uniform light pattern and its enormous luminosity in relation to its size to a sophisticated lens technology. The polycarbonate optics combine complex free-form surfaces with Fresnel elements, creating a quality of illumination that is unrivaled in this class.

Quick release

You mount the SL Nano AF easily and flexibly with a CNC-machined quick release with matte black finish - not only looks good but lets you attach and remove your lamp in a few seconds. Here you have the choice between the standard handlebar diameters of 31.8mm and 35mm.

Simply mounted

The battery of the SL Nano AF you mount as usual with Lupine with a special Velcro strap on the top or down tube of your bike. The inside of the band is silicone coated and keeps your battery securely in place.

SL Nano AF 4Ah

Runtime lowbeam 8 W / 700 Lumens - 4:20 Hours
Runtime highbeam 14 W / 1100 Lumens - 2:30 Hours
Weight - 250g

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