Alpha Light System for Bar-mounting

7200-lumen Powerhouse!
ITEM No: 4900-031a  
System Includes:
  • Lamphead Alpha
  • Bluetooth remote
  • Peppi V5
  • 6.9 Ah SmartCore battery
  • Quick-release handlebar mount
  • Charger One Alpha
  • Short and Long battery straps
  • Manual

US $1,295.00
Bike Mount option: 
Helmet Mount: 

FL1 Standard

IP 68 (water resistance) and IK09 (impact resistance): Our Alpha meets high industry standards. The FL1 standard is an ANSI/NEMA set of rules to make product specifications of different lamp manufacturers comparable.

Alpha Product Information
Type of light: Bike light
Light output: 7200 Lumens
Remote: Bluetooth with remote switch. App applicable.
Runtime: 1:20 h
Runtime Max: 110 h
Reach FL1: 840 m
Battery: 6.9Ah/99Wh SmartCore (14.4V Alpha)
Capacity indicator: with SmartCore
Weight incl. battery: 670 g
Delivery content: Alpha Lamphead with remote and bar-mounts (specify 31.8mm or 35mm), 6.9Ah SmartCore battery (14.4V system for Alpha), Charger One-Alpha, 24V Power supply, Short and Long battery straps, User manual

The new Lupine Alpha is nothing less than the most powerful bicycle lamp for racing we've ever built. A full 7200 lumens, perfect illumination and an enormous range of up to 840 meters make your bike the ultimate nighttime racing machine.

Pure Performance

Whether directly in front of you or several hundred meters away: the Alpha will show you every detail on your way. The Alpha combines 3 different lens types to create a perfectly illuminated image tailored for racing use. Two 22° lenses in combination with two ultra-wide angle lenses ensure never-before-seen Illumination at close range. Four 18° lenses focus part of the light and generate a range that outshines any comparable lamp.

Reduced to the essentials

Where there is light, there is heat. To optimize the cooling of the Alpha, the button has been moved to the underside of the lamp head. In 

combination with the one-sided mounting method, space was created for more cooling fins and the heat management was adapted to the high performance.

LED bar

Even during the fastest of speeds you can immediately see at what level your lamp is currently set: The Alpha has an extra large, colored LED status bar for displaying light levels and selected functions.

Bluetooth Remote

With the new Alpha's 2-way-switch, it's now even easier to switch between the light levels. You shift back and forth between the light levels in a flash, similar to a gear shift.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, your lighting will be more flexible than ever before. You can swap your headlamp from one helmet to another in seconds, without any tools.

Daytime running light function

Sometimes you just don't want to be overlooked but want to save electricity at the same time: In this case you simply use the daytime running light function integrated in the Alpha.

Lupine Light Control 2.0

The app for the new Alpha offers many possibilities: You set your light levels and special functions as you like them. Save your settings, create custom profiles for your activities, and simply use them again when you need them.


To prevent you from confusing your batteries, the Alpha plug has its own distinctive shape and color, but if you want to charge your smartphone via USB-One: it´s fully compatible.

Our Statement: Alpha vs. Betty

Is the Alpha better than a Betty? From 25 years of experience we can answer this question with just one word: Yes! The Alpha seems much brighter and, thanks to its specially designed light pattern, is much better suited for fast rides on a bike/MTB.

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   Epic light, June 15, 2020  By Anonymous (APO, AE)(Verified)
Over 15 years in US Army Special Forces and the APLHA Light takes the cake of all the lights I’ve ever used, and I’ve used some that cost 10x of the Lupine Alpha. Easy to set up the light selections on the Lupine light control app with my iPhone so that selecting the most used light modes with the bluetooth remote is fast.

For mountain biking and my work you really wont need the lights full power but it’s nice to have at night especially when searching for crashed drones. What sets this light apart from the others is its even beam spread and powerful center beam. Also it uses the latest high bin high efficiency Led lights. This light is the ALPHA of all lights!

   nothing gets better, November 23, 2018  By Lloyd (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Best of the best. If you want to rule the night, this is it. My good ole Betty R moved to my helmet, can't be happier with my current setup.

If price is not a hindrance and with a lot of technology in this package, no other brands can match this IMHO.
   Badboy, November 22, 2018  By Jack (Los Angeles, CA)
I have owned some good bike lights for my night riding but this alpha is the best of them all, now im the happiest mtn biker you will ever ride with in LA area with an alpha on my handlebar and betty on my hellmet! Im a Lupine for life now, thanks to that friend of mine who showed me off his Lupine lights! ????

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