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Joby Gorillapod for Piko TL

Tripod increases Piko TL versatility!
ITEM No: 984  
The pod was especially adapted to carry our Piko TL Max/Ultra and Mini.
We added a rubber layer and screw to attach the light to the tripod.
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   Multitasking with the Piko TL, February 24, 2015  By william henry wilson (Dallas, TX)
If all you’re looking for is a cheap front bike lamp, Wal*Mart is the place to go.
But if you want the most ergonomic, multitasking, wide-band, daylight-spectrum nite bike lite on the planet, this is the one hands down. In fact, the lite produced is so natural I turned my Piko TL off on one occasion thinking it was unnecessary - only to be plunged into darkness. Runtimes are unmatched up to maximum of eighty (80) hours or eight (8) ten (10) hour consecutive nite adventures using the 0.3 Watt setting. And the 13 Watt, or 1,200 lumens setting, is totally amazing. There’s even an SOS mode! Other bikers have pulled over and queried what kind of easy-on-the-eyes nite bike lite I have on my bars.
Piko TL is half the footprint of the smallest iPhone and when they are teamed together furnish a virtual mini-lighting studio on the go - especially if you shell out for two (2) of these babies. You’ll need the diffusers and mini-tripods, too. The multiple programming modes are clearly marked on the solid cast aluminium body so there’s no need to carry a manual. The O-ring attachment is a marvel all by itself and retains position securely over the worst of bumps while minutely adjustable on the bars when riding. Rain or sleet you are ready to go. Buy the leather holster and the Piko TL is an amazing go-anywhere flashlight from property inspections to bedside table… all this backed by the best Customer Support in the business.