SL AX lamp head (2200 lumen version)

StVZO approved; 160g lamp head; Bluetooth; 2200 lumens high beam, glare free low beam and daytime running light


Previous model, limited supply.

The SL AX for bicycles with StVZO approval, daytime running lights, 1300 lumen low beam and up to 2200 lumen high beam.

The brightness sensor of the SL AX recognizes darkness and automatically switches from daytime running lights to low beam, at the same time enabling high beam. This has a range of up to 370m and ensures the best view away from the city and on trails. If the low beam is active, you can use the Bluetooth remote control to switch to the high beam and back again. With the help of the “Peppi” holder, it is securely attached next to the handlebar grip. The lamp head is mounted next to the stem with the quick release made of CNC-milled aluminum.

The housing of the SL AX is also made of CNC-milled and then black anodized aluminum and is particularly durable, robust and heat-resistant. The SL AX is also both impact and water resistant according to IK09 and IP68.

The SL AX can be controlled via an app. -> 
Link to Apple Store / Link to Google Play Store
Included: SL AX lamp head, Quick release (size chosen), Bluetooth remote control, Holder remote control Peppi V5 & Peppi V5 XL, Instructions
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The brightest bicycle lamp made by Lupine

The new SL X is safety, safety by day and safety by night. But it is also an extremely powerful lamp, perfect for fast rides and with up to 2200 lumen high beam it is currently the brightest StVZO-approved lupine for your bike.

The best of both worlds

You switch to high beam, the SL X opens a daylight corridor far above the glare-free cut-off line and fires the 9 automotive LEDs of the main headlight to the maximum. Unique here: At the same time, the daytime running lights are switched on with significantly increased performance. Its 6 LEDs and the sophisticated Fresnel lens system increase the light output and create additional close-up illumination with which you can master fast descents and technical root passages in a playful way.

low beam and high beam

The low beam gives you glare-free light and visibility in every situation. Away from the city you switch to high beam with just a push of a button and fire your bike over country roads and demanding trails.

daytime running lights

The daytime running lights of the SL X shine particularly brightly and guarantee the full attention of all road users. The SL X is currently the only StVZO-approved Lupine with a real daytime running light function, tested according to ECE R87.

Waterproof and impact resistant

Especially with lights mounted on the handlebars, it can happen that your bike with the light is standing in the rain or it gets hit when you fall. Therefore, the SL X is waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP68.


The stereo sensor technology, which can be adjusted in stages, scans your ambient light in real time and switches your SL X from daytime running lights to low beams in good time. At the same time, the sensors enable the high beam function.

For a little bit more power

The SL X not only scans your ambient light but also your movement. After 5 minutes of standstill, the SLX deactivates your remote control to save power and switches it on again immediately if you move.

remote control

Who doesn’t know it: It’s night, the road is clear, you switch on the high beam and step on the gas. The SL AX brings this feeling to your bike. With the two buttons on the Bluetooth remote control, you can fade up and down in fractions of a second or switch through the light levels of the low beam.

Now with app

You can now also control your SL AX via the new APP using your smartphone or smartwatch.

Milled with precision

The SL X is not only smaller than any comparable lamp, but also uses every millimeter inside the housing. The housing of the SL X is milled from a single piece of aluminum with minimal tolerances.

Simply assembled

A cnc-milled aluminum quick release allows for easy mounting of the lamp on the handlebars.

Built to last

The SL X is not a disposable product: As is typical for Lupine, permanent adhesive solutions are deliberately avoided during the development phase. Our lamps are designed to be easily disassembled, repaired and reassembled.

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