Alpha Light System for Bar-mounting

8100 Lumens; 225g Lamphead; 6.9Ah SmartCore battery; Bluetooth; Runtime 1:2hr – 20hr; 670g Total System Weight; IP68 and IK09


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The new Alpha with a whopping 8100 lumens is the upgraded version of the most powerful bike light we’ve ever built. With a range of up to 480 meters, it illuminates the trail perfectly and turns every bike into the ultimate nighttime racing machine.

The Alpha owes its brightness to the new XML-3 LEDs and the revised heat connection. The current Alpha is not only brighter, it also maintains its performance significantly longer than before.

With the help of the included remote control, you can easily switch between the different light levels and control them via the app thanks to Bluetooth. The level at which the Alpha is lit can be easily read from the LED bar on the back of the lamp.

The 6.9 Ah battery of the Alpha can be attached to the frame with the included Velcro. With the SmartCore function, the battery shows at the push of a button how much capacity is left in it. The 14.4V battery was specially developed for the Alpha and is the only Lupine battery that is not compatible with the other lamp heads.

Like all lamps, the Alpha is waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP68 and IK09.

Included in the Box: Alpha lamp head, Bluetooth remote control, Quick release (depending on size chosen), Peppi V5 (for 22mm diameter), Peppi V5 XL (for 32mm diameter), 99Wh/6.9Ah SmartCore battery, 2x Velcro, power adapter, Charger One, 1x bolt screw & 2x O-ring black, Pouch, Instructions.

Light comparison.              Our other bike & helmet lights.

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The maximum, maximum improved

The new Lupine Alpha is the upgraded version of the most powerful racing bike light we’ve ever built. A whopping 8100 lumens, perfect illumination and an enormous range of up to 480 meters make your bike the ultimate nocturnal racing machine.

Pure performance

Whether right in front of you or several hundred meters away: With the Alpha you really see every detail on your way. The Alpha combines 3 different lens types into a luminous image that is perfectly tailored to the fastest movements. Two 22° lenses, in combination with two ultra-wide-angle lenses, ensure close-range illumination that has never been achieved before. Four 18° lenses focus part of the light and create a range that puts any comparable lamp in the shade.

In every situation

More power means more heat. To that end, we have completely rebuilt the Alpha, massively improved the heat connection and its dimming behavior. The current Alpha is not only brighter, it also maintains its performance significantly longer than before.

New shape – new finish

The new housing of the Alpha is now framed by a satin-matt aluminum lens and end cap. The gray lasering fits perfectly into the design language of current MTBs and the deeper cooling fins give the new Alpha an aggressive look on the helmet.

led bar

That you can immediately see at which level your lamp is burning, even during the fastest passages: An extra large, colored LED status bar is integrated in the Alpha to display the light levels and functions.


You mount the Alpha directly in front of your stem using a quick release. Thanks to the unique slide system, you can adjust the distance to the stem to a minimum and place your lamp perfectly centered on the handlebars.

Bluetooth remote control

With the 2-button Bluetooth remote control of the new Alpha, you can now switch between the light levels even more easily. Like shifting gears, you switch back and forth between the light levels at lightning speed.

daytime running light function

Sometimes you just don’t want to be overlooked and save power at the same time: In this case you use the daytime running light function integrated in the Alpha.

Lupine Light Control 2.0

The app of the new Alpha offers many options: you can set your light levels and special functions as you like. You save your settings, create individual profiles for your activities and simply use them again when you need them again.

Alpha battery

The Alpha’s battery was specially designed for the high performance values: the software and hardware of the control board have been optimized. In addition, the capacity display now shines in blue.

Alpha connector system

We’ve spent decades trying to make every Lupine battery compatible with every lamp head – only the Alpha is the exception to this rule. To prevent you from confusing your batteries, the Alpha’s plug has its own distinctive shape and Colour. If you want to charge your smartphone with the Alpha battery: The USB-One is fully compatible.

Our statement: Alpha vs. Betty

Is the Alpha now better than a Betty? With 25 years of experience, we can easily answer this question: Yes! The Alpha feels a lot brighter and, thanks to its specially designed light pattern, is much better suited for fast rides on the bike/MTB.

Alpha remote control

Hands free for the essentials

You operate your Alpha with the remote control in your hand or directly from the handlebars – without delay, without cables and without safety risks.

On the handlebars

The Peppi V5 bar holder allows you to mount your remote control directly on the handlebars. The flexible rubber band guarantees you a secure hold on the standard bar diameters of 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm.

At the wrist

With your Bluetooth remote control bracelet, you’ll never lose control of your lamp again.

On the ski pole

We offer a “Schnappi V1” holder especially for LEKI ski poles, with which the remote control is firmly anchored in the handle of the pole.

Several lamp heads, one transmitter

Would you like to operate several lamps at the same time with just one button? No problem – you can connect up to 5 lamp heads to one transmitter. You can also connect a lamp head to multiple transmitters.

Battery changing made easy

A commercially available CR2032 button cell supplies the remote control with power. If this should ever be empty, you can change it yourself in just a few simple steps

Two buttons – two operating concepts

The two button remote control can be used in two different ways. You either switch back and forth between the light levels, similar to a gear shift, or combine both buttons into one.


Lupine App: Alpha

With sliders and buttons

You operate your Alpha directly from your smartphone. But our app is much more than just a high-end remote control.

The Lupine Light Control App is available for Apple and Android .

Setting the light levels

The Lupine Light Control revolutionizes the setting of the light levels. With just a few swipes you can determine up to 4 individual light levels and save them as a light program on your lamp.


You save your individual lighting programs as profiles in the app and activate them as soon as you need them again. In this way you can put together the perfect lighting program for each of your activities.

status monitor

The status monitor gives you information about the current power consumption and the strength of the Bluetooth signal.


If necessary, you can switch between single or double-click, activate stealth mode and set the battery-empty warning so that it always reminds you to change your battery in good time.

Tech Specs


  • Alpha lamp head
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • quick release
  • Peppi V5 (for 22mm diameter)
  • Peppi V5 XL (for 32mm diameter)
  • 99Wh/6.9Ah SmartCore battery
  • 2x Velcro
  • power adapter
  • Charger One
  • 1x bolt screw & 2x O-ring black
  • Pouch
  • Instructions

1 review for Alpha Light System for Bar-mounting

  1. Lupine Admin

    I am currently riding a pivot shuttle ebike on my commute of 24 miles a day 4days a week. Was using a MagicShine Monteer 8000.1.Cycling through power settings is akward as i have to take my hands off the bars and often end up blinding oncoming traffic. 2. the Garmin mount creeks at times and takes up valuable bar real estate.3. Power indicator lights are inaccurrate.4. The light has a lenghtly cable and scratches bike frame. Alpha on the otherhand is more of a spot than Monteer with no discernable hotspots. Light color is excellent -no sand blinding effect. Power is excellent, but not the peripheral throw of Monteer.1. Love the quick release bar clamp, installation and removal easy and tool free.2. Cable length is perfect . 3. Charging system is fantastic -this should extend my Li-ion battery life.The APP – this is the coolest thing. I can program my own custom settings one for summer and one for winter.I also can disable SOS [unlike Monteer] The BT wireless remote- now I can increase or decrease power settings without cycling through all settings[unlike Monteer] , I can now turn light down to not blind oncoming trail users without taking my hands off the bar.4. The battery power indicator is accurate. 5. Low power notification is reliable. 6. power output is more consistent than Monteer, which would dim quicker than Alpha and is welcomed.7. The DRL [daytime running light] setting is the coolest I have seen, i should get a month or 2 out of this setting without recharging battery. 8. I can use remote to turn light on or off hands free or pair it with my helmet light to operate both lights( bar and helmet) from the same remote. Brandon Albrecht – VP Operations Pivot Cycles, Tempe AZ.

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