Neo X Headlamp System

1000 Lumens; 50g Lamp head; Runtime 1:30hr – 80 Hours & 140g – 195g Total System Weight (depending on battery option);IP 68 (waterproof), IK 09 (impact resistance)


The 1000 lumen Neo headlamp is our smallest lamp and at 50g a real lightweight.

The lamp head comes with the Lupine FrontClick system and can be easily converted to a helmet or another headband. The aluminum housing features active thermal management for maximum efficiency. The Neo offers a red light function, five different light levels (0.3W/40 lumens – 10W/1000 lumens), SOS, RVLR and alpine distress signal. Cable length at the lamp head approx. 25cm.

The 3.5 Ah battery supplies the lamp with energy for up to 80 hours (2.0 Ah for up to 48 hours) and is also attached to the helmet using the FastClick system. In addition to the battery size, you can also choose between HardCase and SmartCore can be selected. Alternatively, it can be stowed in a backpack with a longer cable.

Like all Lupine lamps, the Neo is both waterproof and shockproof according to IP68 and IK09.

SYSTEM INCLUDES: Neo 1000 Lumen aluminum lamp head, Battery depending on option chosen (14Wh / 2.0Ah or 14Wh / 2.0Ah SmartCore or 25Wh / 3.5Ah SmartCore), headband with FrontClick mount, Wiesel V4 battery charger, white diffusor cap (for improved visibility in fog/rain and indoor use), and Neo manual.

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Small lamp, big performance

With a running time of up to 80 hours, an amazing 1000 lumens and its perfectly thought-out light pattern, the Neo headlamp is the ideal companion for mountaineering, hiking, running, ski touring or working at night.


With the Neo, we wanted full Lupine engineering in the smallest lamp we’ve ever built. We have thought of everything that makes a lupine a lupine: active heat management, five different light modes, numerous additional functions and a high-quality and extremely robust aluminum housing.

Less is more

In the Neo, a single CREE XM-L3 chip of the latest generation delivers an impressive 1000 lumens. In addition, a red light for unobtrusive reading of cards and a particularly effective optics are integrated. The Neo weighs just 50 grams and can hardly be felt on your head, even after wearing it for a long time.

Individually adjustable

The Neo gives you a choice of five pre-programmed light modes. With a single button press you can easily switch between 2-step, 3-step or 4-step mode and the integrated red light. Additional functions such as SOS or the Alpine emergency signal are also available to you.

Perfect illumination

When developing the Neo, we placed particular value on optimally usable light distribution and long-lasting, high luminosity. The wide angle of the edge light gives you a perfect view of your surroundings. The narrow central spot offers you an excellent range of more than 150 meters and the enclosed diffuser ensures reduced glare and a softer light.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, you are more flexible than ever. You turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change your lamp head from one helmet to the next in a few seconds, without any tools.

FastClick battery holder

With our specially developed FastClick system, you can wear the battery of your Neo headlamp directly on your head and swap it for the next one in just a few seconds. The rear light function of the Lupine SmartCore batteries increases your safety and also makes you look really good from behind.

battery technology

The Neo headlamp is available with three different battery variants:

  •  2.0 Ah hard case battery without display.
  •  2.0Ah SmartCore battery. This has a capacity indicator with an integrated rear light function.
  •  3.5Ah SmartCore battery. This has a capacity indicator with an integrated rear light function.

One for all

With the Neo, you don’t just own a headlamp. You own a lamp head – your lamp head for all eventualities. A few simple steps transform your helmet into a headlamp. You can mount them on poles in a flash using the quick-release fasteners or use the mount on your helmet camera using the GoPro adapter. Our diverse mounting systems offer you the right mount for every application .

Tech Specs



Lupine’s range of compatible accessories and mount kits, allows you to easily transform your Neo lamp head into a lamp for any activity.

  • Securely mount Neo to a vented bike helmet using the Neo Helmet Mount and state-of-the-art Lupine hook and loop fastener straps.
  • Mount Neo to a non-vented helmet (like a construction helmet) using 3M’s innovative Dual Lock Velcro.
  • Add a Quick-Release Mount to your Lupine system to easily secure your Neo to mountain bike or road bike handlebars.
  • Neo’s battery is compatible with the UBS ONE Adapter, which can turn your Lupine System into a charging station for any USB device, including smartphones.





Neo 2.0Ah

  • Lamp head Neo
  • 2.0Ah FastClick battery
  • Headband with FrontClick/FastClick mount
  • diffuser cap
  • charger weasel
  • Instructions

Neo 2.0Ah SC

  • Lamp head Neo
  • 2.0Ah SmartCore FastClick battery
  • Headband with FrontClick/FastClick mount
  • charger weasel
  • diffuser cap
  • Instructions

Neo 3.5Ah SC

  • Lamp head Neo
  • 3.5Ah SmartCore FastClick battery
  • Headband with FrontClick/FastClick mount
  • charger weasel
  • diffuser cap
  • Instructions



Neo 1000 lumens

Wiesel V6


(coming soon)


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