1100 Lumens; 86g lamp head; USB-C; Runtime 1hr – 120hr; IK 09 (impact resistance) , IP 68 (waterproof)


The Penta is a compact headlamp

A headlamp with up to 1100 lumens, diffuse reading or camping light, two red lights with different radiation characteristics and numerous lighting functions.

The housing of the Penta consists of black anodized aluminum. Two buttons on the top of the lamp allow you to switch between the light functions. The lamp has an integrated battery and is
charged via USB-C.

Note: The optional color temperature “neutral white” gives the Penta a slightly warmer light. Warmer light is particularly suitable for use in snow and fog, while the colder “daylight white” appears subjectively brighter and helps to stay awake longer.

Included in the Box: Penta lamp head, Penta headband, Charging cable USB-A to USB-C.

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Compact, strong, versatile

Compact headlamp with 1100 lumens, integrated battery and numerous lighting functions.

for your night

Main headlight, red light, diffuse light or boost: With the two buttons on the top of the Penta you control all light functions playfully and almost automatically.

For your sport

The Penta’s light pattern is softer, it’s wider, making it perfect for sports like running, climbing, mountaineering, or just about any activity where it’s important to see what’s happening right in front of your feet. For all athletes, we recommend the additionally available headband with an adjustable top headband for better support under heavy loads.

For your adventure

Regardless of whether you are setting up your tent, bivouacking, making a fire or preparing tea on your gas cooker: In such situations, the diffuse light, which can be adjusted in stages, shows its strengths. With a double click, you fire up the Penta at any time up to 1100 lumens to scan your surroundings and best of all – the Penta also lights up when you want it to be charging.

For your work

With the optional FrontClick system, the Penta can be easily attached to any helmet and removed again in just a few seconds. The FrontClick mounting plate is so thin that it can stay on the helmet without any problems, even when you are not using your lamp.

For your freedom

Hot or cold, rain or snow – with the Penta you don’t have to worry about the weather, you only have to worry about what’s going on: you, your activity, your night, your freedom. The Penta is waterproof, impact-resistant and with dimensions of just 62x46x30 and a weight of only 86g* it is perfect when it comes to keeping your backpack as small as possible. *Weight and dimensions without headband. Weight with headband: 110g

For our environment

Let’s face it: Every product uses resources. In order to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible, we do not build disposable products, but make sure during development that all system-relevant parts can be easily replaced if they have reached the end of their life after years or if the battery needs to be replaced.

light modes

With the Penta you have numerous lighting functions at your disposal: Two red light sources with different radiation characteristics, which light up either individually or together, a diffuse light that can be dimmed in stages and of course a main headlight that can be fired up to 1100 lumens for a short time by double-clicking. The battery life of the small Penta is also remarkable. At the lowest level, the diffuse light shines for up to 120 hours or more than 5 days at a time.


The case of the Penta is not plastic, but, as you would expect from Lupine, consists of a black anodized aluminum alloy. This serves on the one hand for stability but above all for heat regulation and makes the Penta so efficient. The lens system of the Penta is particularly efficient and combines three different LEDs with different beam angles to create a particularly pleasant light image.

Loaded at lightning speed

The Penta charges with USB-C and is fully compatible with our USB-One. Especially practical: On long journeys you can use one of our external batteries and the USB-One to charge the Penta and, if you want, to light it up at the same time.

Choose your color temperature

For improved visibility when operating in snow, fog or if you prefer a warmer light: The Penta is available in 4500K (neutral white) or 5700K (daylight). The warmer light is particularly pleasant for close-up activities and is less straining on the eyes. Daylight appears brighter and makes for less tiredness on extended tours.


Tech Specs


light levels


  • Penta lamp head
  • Penta headband
  • Charging cable USB-A to USB-C


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