ROTLICHT taillight in black
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ROTLICHT taillight in black  


160 Lumens; 2W; Brake light (de-acceleration sensor) and bright light sensor; Runtime 2 - 30 Hours; Anodized black
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Lupine's ROTLICHT, German for 'Red Light', is probably the brightest and most intelligent rear bike light on the market. With an incredible 160-lumen output of bright, ruby-red light, and integrated battery, this must-have accessory for cyclists has some incredible features- like a brake light and brightness sensor- that boost safety and visibility both night and day.

With this light, it will be hard to be overlooked on the streets ever again.
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German innovation and precision-manufacturing pack incredible power and performance into a compact, durable housing, designed to last. In addition to the incredible brightness, the ROTLICHT has some incredible safety features - like a brake light and brightness sensor- ideal for cyclists, bicycle commuters, and nighttime adventure-seekers.

  • BRAKE LIGHT: When you brake, the built in acceleration sensor turns the light brighter to gain more attention on the streets.

  • BRIGHTNESS SENSOR: Automatic ambient light adjustment. If for example a car comes closer, the light turns brighter.


ROTLICHT's high-quality aluminum housing and the rugged polycarbonate front cover are extremely resistant and protect your red light from ruggesd wear-and-tear, dust and water.


With the durable EPDM strap, the ROTLICHT can easily be mounted on bicycle seat-tubes (from 22 - 55 mm diameter). Add versatility to your set-up by adding a ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount Kit and Crossbar Rail Mount to easily swap your light between bikes.


With the Rotlicht you have the choice of four different light modes and up to five different dimming levels available. With a single keystroke you switch between the light programs quickly and easily or adjust the sensor settings of your situation.

Take a look in the video below:




Lupine offers 20-plus years of precision-manufacturing and high-tech innovation- made in Germany.

We are one of the best in the industry relative to:
  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price to lumen output ratio
We offer the best warranty in the industry. And, we take pride in our customer support and service team that can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.


  • 2W 160 Lumens
  • G-Force sensor for brake light
  • Brightness sensor
  • 4 different and adjustable beam levels
  • Charging via Micro USB
  • CNC machined housing for long-lasting durability


The ROTLICHT comes with 4 different Light modes

1. Steady Light

2. Flash Light

3. Wave Pulse Light

4. Pulse Light

All light modes can be adjusted in intensity from 0.1W (10 Lumens) to 2W (160 Lumens). 

VIEW dim level demo

The following dim levels are adjustable:

Dimming Levels                                               Runtime

                                  Steady        Blink      Pulse      Steady+Impulse

0.1W                            30h            60h          --                25h

0.25W                           12h            24h         24h              10h

0.5W                              6h             12h         12h               5h

1W                                 3h              6h           6h             2:30h

2W                             1:30h              3h           3h                --


We recommend purchasing the ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount Kit to securely place your light below the saddle. With the simple push of a button, you can easily unlock your light and charge, if necessary. 

If you already have your ROTLICHT Taillight mounted with the Seat Rail Mount Kit to one of your bikes, a spare Crossbar Rail Mount secured to your other bike allows you to seamlessly swap your ROTLICHT between bikes in seconds. This little accessory is a great way to add versatility to your nighttime biking setup.

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 15 Customer Reviews  
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   Be seen, September 7, 2019  By Adam Carr (VT)
I have the MAX version of this product and while it takes a moment to setup the way you prefer - it's excellent from there on out setting it and forgetting it. The light brightness itself is excellent but what I notice most relative to the other blinkies and lights I have had - is how well it's made. Of all the things I have to replace I don't want to be purchasing lights year in and year out after they die or break. This unit feels rugged and given how much I commute and ride I couldn't be more stoked.
   ROTLICHT Taillight Nighttime Training, December 4, 2017  By David "Davey" Dawson Team Skyl (Springfield, PA)
I am a pro crit racer out of the Philly area riding for Team Skyline. I spend a lot of the fall, winter, and early spring days training at night. Have been training at night consistently for the past 3 seasons now. Have worked as a bike shop mechanic for 8 years as well. Have tried numerous different companies options, with rigorous stipulations. With a background in Industrial Design I have always looked at the brightness (lumen output), battery life, durability, ease of attachment, weight, ease of use, rechargeable vs battery operated, light mode versatility, and overall aesthetic. I have been using the ROTLICHT every day for 2 months worth of training now. It has become by far one of my favorite products I have ever had the pleasure to use. Worth every dollar invested in it.

The first thing that impressed me the most was the lumen output and brightness of it! Normally I run between 2-3 rear lights at a time while out on a training ride. I then bring 1-2 lights as backups to change out when the batteries die on the others. A training ride will generally last from 2-5hrs. Yes even at night. Hence my search for a quality system. The output of the light was so bright and clear I could stand at the end of my street and still see the light clear as can be even without any other lights on. When I paired it up with the other lights I use it simply drowned them out. They were barely contributing to the visibility as a whole compared to the ROTLICHT. This improved on two levels. I no longer needed to be running 3 lights at a time anymore. It also allowed me to cut down on the weight because the ROTLICHT itself is so light and minimal to begin with. But now I am not needing to carry as much with me on the rides.

The second attribute that really impressed me was the battery life. I took it out for a 4hr training ride on the bright flash mode of 160 lumen output (more than double that of my next brightest light, and triple that of my others) and it held fast the entire time.

Some of the other impressive features were the ease of attachment with a multi-point rubber ladder style strap that allows me to mount it easily to my aero integrated seat mast. The built in accelerometer that when slowing turns the bright flash/pulse mode to a bright solid red light. Just like that of a car braking. It is USB rechargeable which makes for extreme ease of use. While the overall package is still one of the smallest and lightweight lights I have ever come across. I never have a second thought about tossing it on when I am out training in the afternoon and know that the second half of my training ride will be done in the evening dark hours once the sun has gone down. Mounts up nicely next to my Speedsleev saddle pack and I forget that it is even there until it is needed.
   The Go-To for Brightness, June 1, 2017  By Russell (Cleona, PA)
If you want to be seen, this is the light to run. Sure, you might have to charge it a little more often than less-powerful units, but you WILL be seen. Angled mounting bracket and tune-ability is primo. Very pleased with the Rotlicht!
   Love this Light, March 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Solana Beach, CA)(Verified)
I consider this little light one of the best pieces of cycling equipment I have ever purchased.

Been cycling for decades and I have the scars and surgeries to prove it. You will not take your safety for granted after waking up in a hospital not knowing where you are or why.

I will not ride anymore without feeling I am giving myself the best odds and chance to arrive home safely. This light makes me feel safer. A good feeling to have.

This little light is elegant in design, small, and bright. The rubber strap system makes it very fast and easy to change bikes or to remove to go into a store. It also looks nice on a bike.

I do not leave home without it day or night on my bike. I consider it that essential in giving mys
   Best Light, March 4, 2017  By Robert Lerner (Parmus, NJ)(Verified)
Owned many lights, this is the best, wish it had longer runtime, ability to charge from the bottom
   Durable and adaptable, December 7, 2016  By Mike F. (Lancaster, PA)
True to Lupine design, the Rothlicht is a durable piece of hardware. Last week I accidentially left mine in my pocket. It went through the wash cycle and my girfriend removed it from the dryer after she heard it banging around the dryer drum. The light still works perfectly! I used this light on a cross-country bicycle ride this summer, and it performed flawlessly. The strap system lets it adapt to everything from the cargo rack on my utility bicycle, to the teardrop shaped aerodynamic seatpost on my triathlon bike. Although I wish it had a little more runtime on a battery charge for those longer days and a reflector strip for better visibility if the battery does die. You can extend the runtime by selecting a mode that isn’t blindingly bright.
   Best tail light on the market, November 19, 2016  By Anonymous (Landisville, PA)(Verified)
After using other various tail lights for the past 18yrs, I can definitely say this is the best on the market. Not only is this light small and extremely bright, but also has great running time. Not to mention the built in accelerometer which causes the light to intensify when slowing. This tail light used in conjunction with my Lupine Wilma headlamp makes me as visible as a car. I will definitely be a lifetime Lupine user!
   Best rear light you can own, August 29, 2016  By Anonymous (Burlington, OK)
This light is compact and super bright. Car drivers if your at traffic lights comment how good it is. Unit is super solid build quality German style. Had mine for a few years now and use it daily. Nothing comes close in terms of quality or brightness from any of the other manufacturers. If you want the best this is it. Bill at gretnabikes has a legendary backup service. The guys are superb to deal with always friendly and nothing is any problem when you need help.
   Great product, May 2, 2016  By Anonymous (suffern, NY)
Great product, well made and designed. Run with 2 lights, one on the saddle rail mount and the second on the seat tube. Couple of suggestions. 1. Charge port from the bottom of the light, 2. Ability to run with a small external battery for increased run time. Overall top quality. Have tested many lights and this is the brightest.
   Lupine Quality, April 28, 2016  By Donald Stevenson (Charlottesville, VA)
I agree that a pulse is just as attention-getting as a flash yet much more civilized. LEDs and rechargeable lithium ion batteries has made this is a golden age for bike lights. And now ambient light and motion sensors too. What leaps out at me about this light is that it is put together by simple screws. Serviceable technology! Something you can fix! Parts you can replace! And a simple robust design. Considering how many lights I've owned that have made themselves obsolete through silly inherent vice, I applaud any company that makes a robust, serviceable product. Of course the true test of any rear light is commuting in the dark on a cold rainy morning or evening. At that point it's charged or it isn't, and they see you or they don't. But riding buddies everywhere will thank you for the pulse.
   Typical amazing Lupine product, December 8, 2015  By Anonymous (PALOS VERDES PENINSULA, CA)
I love this light. I have seen the other tail lights- and as usual, Lupine buries them all. This thing is insanely bright. Looking back, you can see this thing illuminating stuff behind you! The rubber band mount is ok for some applications, but I got the under seat hard mount. Strongly recommended. I do not go on the street without this light. And the brake light feature is great for group riding. I have found that you can't go wrong with anything Lupine makes. Their stuff is strong, well designed and innovative beyond anything else on the market.
   Rotlicht, November 10, 2015  By Anonymous (Lebanon, PA)
This tail light is blindingly bright, I use it day and night on the road and it is always seen. Well worth the money compared to other tail lights!
   bright and long lasting !! , April 23, 2015  By James (PA)
Very nice, once you work with it a while it becomes 2nd nature. nice feature is the light to tell you how much battery was used. A charging plug that was easier to insert would make it a 5 star product!
   Rotlicht-highly recommended, January 10, 2015  By John Lee (West New York, NJ)
I do a lot of night riding, and this light is a must for me, especially with all the crazy drivers around here. You will be seen easily 1/2 km away. Typically, cars slow down with the occasional honks. All the unique features have worked as advertised. Highly recommended.
   Still learning the features, October 24, 2014  By Eric W 
I will start by saying that I just went on my first ride with the light tonight. The build quality is amazing and the light is very bright. I messed with a couple of the settings when I got the light, and I think I messed something up, as reports were that it wasn't working as a brake light. I'm going to reset it to factory settings and give it a go on Saturday. I definitely recommend the light thus far, and look forward to the upcoming different mounting options for it, as it might work better for me clipped to the back of my saddle bag rather than under it. Will update my review as I have more riding time with it.

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