Lupine stands for more than 25 years of quality - Made in Germany.
We are proud to be an industry leader in LED technology, discovering and designing the cutting-edge
innovations that are improving the brightness, quality, durability, and versatility of our
helmet and bike lights, headlamps and flashlights which are the “brightest and best in the world.”

Take a look at how we’re revolutionizing LED technology


Helmet and Bike Lights

Featuring multiple classes of bike lights including high power lights for trail, race and offroad use; glare free bike lights for road use; and e-bike lights for Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Brose.
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Unmatched LED illumination paired with long-lasting battery performance make Lupine’s headlamps the ideal choice for running, cross-country skiing, hiking and camping. And, compatibility across our range of accessories allows you to easily transform your headlamp into a handlebar-mounted light or helmet light.
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Unleash the full power of Lupine in the palm of your hand. Durable, waterproof aluminum housing paired with cutting-edge lumen output, and long-lasting battery, make Lupine's line of flashlights the top in the game.
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