The Lupine ROTLICHT, German for 'Red Light', is probably the brightest and most intelligent bike rear light on the market. This must-have accessory for cyclists has some incredible features that boost safety and visibility both night and day, like a brake light and brightness sensor. 

With this light, it will be hard to be overlooked on the streets ever again.

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ROTLICHT batteryReplace your depleted Rotlicht battery by yourself!
US $10.00
Rotlicht back partReplacement Rotlicht back part
US $12.00
Rotlicht mount for seat rail mountReplacement Rotlicht mount for seat rail mount
US $12.00
C14 Mag mount (StVZO)Compatible with both the international and the StVZO version of the C14 Mag
US $25.00
C14 Mag StVZOThe 45 lumen rear light with brake light and brightness sensor is held by a bracket on the seat post
US $125.00
ROTLICHT taillight in black
ROTLICHT in Black160 Lumens; 2W; Brake light (de-acceleration sensor) and bright light sensor; Runtime 2 - 30 Hours; Anodized black
US $125.00
ROTLICHT MAX taillight in black
Rotlicht Max Tail Light160 Lumens; 2W; Brake light (de-acceleration sensor) and bright light sensor; Runtime of up to 60h; Anodized black
US $140.00
C14 Mag TaillightThe C14 Mag is the first taillight with an innovative magnetic mount
US $150.00
ROTLICHT Crossbar Rail MountGreat for swapping ROTLICHT between multiple bike
US $7.00
Rotlicht Max BatteryReplace your depleted Rotlicht Max battery by yourself!
US $12.00
Rotlicht Clip Mount
Rotlicht/Rotlicht Max Backpack mount (For saddlebags and backpacks)Clip mount all Rotlicht lights to packs, etc.
US $20.00
Rotlicht Seat Rail Mount
ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount KitMounts all Rotlicht lights below saddle
US $23.00
C14G rackmount
C14 GE-Bike Tail Light for rack mounting. Compatible with Shimano drive units. Also for Bosch, Brose and Yamaha drive units, but a separate light cable is needed. (Not included, sold separately - please see dropdown)
US $65.00
Scotchlok Connector SetScotchLok connectors with heat shrink tube covering
US $3.00
Rubber attachment strap for Redlight/RotlichtReplace lost or broken taillight straps
US $3.00
C14 Mag mountSpare mount made of aluminium for the C14 Mag for mounting between the seat rails
US $45.00
C14E-Bike Tail Light
US $85.00