Lupine SL SF / Brose –– the SL F with Hi-beam –– for e-bikes with Brose drive systems. NOW ALSO SUITABLE FOR MAG S DRIVES!

Sensor-controlled daytime running light with traffic-friendly 900-lumen low beam and up to 1300-lumen high beam
ITEM No: 5600/6600  
THE high-performance headlight for e-bikes with drive units from Brose

With the sensor-controlled daytime running light and glare-free 900 lumen low beam, you move safely through the traffic any time of  day. By pressing the button of your remote, you unleash an 1300-lumen high beam (1100-lumen with 6V system) to race your e-bike through the most challenging trails.  The Lupine SL SF operates directly off your Brose e-bike's 12V (or 6V) power system with supplied cable.

  • Type of light: E-Bike light
  • Light output: 1300 Lumen Maximum (12V)
Delivery contents of Lupine SL SF for Brose: 
  • Lupine SL SF Lamp-head for Brose with cabled remote 
  • Manual
  • SL S Single-sided fixed Handlebar mount (Stem width: 39 - 51 mm)
  • Torx 6 and Torx 15 mounting screws
  • Light cable for Brose

Type of Drive Unit: Brose   

Compatibility:   Drive                

Voltage:     6V / 12V                                                   

SL F Lamp-head: 900lm low beam and 1100lm high beam at 6V 

                            900lm low beam and 1300lm high beam at 12V

In Stock:  Yes
US $350.00
Handlebar diameter: 

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 3 Customer Reviews  
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   Love this light!, December 17, 2019  By Brenton Grant (WILMINGTON, DE)(Verified)
I've been using this light system for two months....riding typically three nights a week. There have been a couple minor issues with error codes and one time when the light shut off, but otherwise it has been awesome. It makes tons of light, looks great and I can't forget to charge my light...unless I forget to charge my bike! Hands down the most elegant solution for riding your ebike at night. When I have had an error code, or the one time it shut off, I rebooted the bike and it was immediately fine. The high/low switch is great, I quickly learned to pop from high to low when I crest a hill... it's more of a true high low, as opposed to most bikes which have "more or less" as their option. I can't say enough good things about this light!
   Love this light!, November 9, 2019  By Brenton Grant (WILMINGTON, DE)(Verified)
This light is a game changer... no more running out of light unexpectedly, it's always there and always charged. Excellent customer support. Could use more guidance on the vagaries of cabling but we figured it out. Rave reviews!
   Gamechanger!, November 8, 2019  By Brenton Grant (WILMINGTON, DE)(Verified)
After some frustration and issues with installation, the light is installed and functioning perfectly in my 2020 Levo Comp. I love how the light functions, going out in late afternoon light with the light in DRL mode, when you drop into the woods it automatically goes into low beam. The bar mounted controller is easy and intuitive to use. I left the mount screw just loose enough so I can adjust it on the fly, I'm not sure if I'm going to tighten it up or leave it just loose enough to adjust while riding. It's really nice to go out this time of year and not have to remember to mount light system and battery and hopefully have charged the battery.... it's all already there. Great product support, advice and troubleshooting from everyone in the Lebanon, PA office, who I'm now on first name basis with. Thanks to everyone at Lupine US!

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