Lupine has standardized its components for over 25 years, which allows for seamless compatibility between almost all Lupine batteries, accessories and lamp heads.
And, most of our older light models can be combined with modern components and retrofitted with the latest technology.
This allows you to keep up with the latest Lupine innovations in LED technology without having to buy a whole new product.


Lupine Lighting Systems pioneered state of the art off-road personal lights.
Whether on wheels, skis, foot –– for work, recreation, or competition –– Lupine has a 25-year tradition
of delivering the highest quality lights for use in the most demanding situations. Always expanding on their proven, powerful design capabilities,
Lupine is entering a new era of versatility for the ever-growing applications for personal, handsfree lighting.

Lupine changes the game with the roll-out of the ClickSystem mounts for our most popular lights – Blika, Piko, and Neo models.
FastClick for batteries and FrontClick for lamp-heads promise seamless integration for all applications of your Lupine System.
It’s a robust design enabling super-fast, tool-free repurposing of your light and battery.

It starts with a FastClick battery and its FastClick holder, standard on “X4/2” kits with headbands.
Batteries easily, quickly, and securely snap into place, and can be swapped for a fresh one on demand for more power as needed.
Additional holders are made for vented helmets, unvented helmets and hardhats, and frame-tubes.
Keep each holder mounted on its specific equipment, and simply click batteries from piece to piece.

And now, the FrontClick lamp mount and its corresponding FastClick holder bring the same convenience to your Lupine lamp!
Click the light out of the helmet mount and click it into your headband. And soon, to your bars.


Interchangeable Lupine Headbands, 3M Dual Lock Velcro mounts, the FastClick mounting system and a wide variety of filters maximize versatility, allowing you to transform a single lamp into a helmet light, handlebar-mounted bike light, or headlamp.

When you invest in a Lupine Lighting System, you’re investing in the highest-quality, precision-manufactured LED lighting solutions for any nighttime adventure- whether it’s making the run of your life on the ski slopes, scaling epic terrain on a mountain bike, or illuminating a glistening cavern room.

With Lupine’s modular system of accessories, the possibilities are endless.

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