SL MiniMax AF

2400 Max Lumens, 260 lux, IK09 & IP67, 260m range, Aluminium CNC-milled (6061-T6), black anodised, 100g lamp head only, bluetooth


The new SL MiniMax AF bicycle lighting is equipped with up to 2400 lumens of high beam, low beam and daytime running lights as well as Bluetooth remote control and is of course approved for road traffic.

The brightness sensor recognizes when it is getting dark and automatically switches from daytime running lights to low beam. The latter illuminates the road with 900 lumens with absolutely no glare, without dazzling oncoming traffic. The 100g lamp head is connected via Bluetooth to the remote control, which can be used to switch between low and high beam. This is attached with the Peppi holder next to the handlebar grip. The icon on the switch will light up blue as soon as you flash it. The SL MiniMax AF illuminates your path absolutely brightly and evenly up to a distance of 260m. You have the choice between three different batteries, which depend on the lighting duration. These are attached to the top or down tube with a coated Velcro strip. With a push of a button you can read the remaining capacity on the SmartCore display. With the quick release for round handlebars, made of CNC-milled aluminum, the lamp is mounted next to the stem in a matter of seconds and sits symmetrically in the middle of the handlebars. The housing, also made of CNC-milled and black anodized aluminum, is particularly robust, durable and heat-resistant.

The SL MiniMax AF is also waterproof and shockproof according to IK09 and IP67.

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SL MiniMax AF

Minimum size, maximum output


Illuminate an area far above the glare-free light
-dark boundary with up to 2400 lumen high beam and thus combine the best of two worlds:
Whether fast descents and demanding trails or commuting in traffic,
the SL MiniMax AF makes both possible.

Light years ahead

Despite the visual similarity, the SL MiniMax AF is not the little sister of the SL AX. On the contrary, it actually makes some things even better. The somewhat smaller and lighter lamp housing nestles beautifully on any handlebar and the even light pattern in particular makes this lamp a real all-purpose weapon.

Light is mandatory

Daytime running lights have been mandatory for e-bikes in Switzerland since April 2022, as they increase visibility in road traffic and thus also significantly reduce the risk of accidents.
When the SL MiniMax AF is in daytime driving mode, it always ensures that other road users cannot miss you.

Dimmed headlights

StVZO approved, 900 lumens strong and completely glare-free: This makes the low beam of the SL MiniMax AF your reliable companion in traffic.
Keep an eye on everything at all times without dazzling oncoming traffic.

High beam

You leave the city behind and dark country roads and rooted trails stretch out ahead. With the help of the high beam, you can easily bring even more light into the dark.

The SL MiniMax AF illuminates an area well above the glare-free cut-off line without
reducing close-up and side illumination. This way you avoid the tunnel effect and react even faster to any obstacles and hanging branches. Perfect for fast descents and technical trail passages.

Sensor controlled

The sensors scan your ambient light in real time and switch your SL MiniMax AF from daytime running lights to low beam in good time when darkness falls.
From this point on, you can use the remote control to manually switch between low beam and high beam.

Remote control

With the Bluetooth remote control, you always have the power of the SL MiniMax AF under control. At the push of a button, you can quickly and easily switch back and forth between low beam and high beam, or turn your light off completely. The headlight icon glows green or blue to show you which mode is active.

Brand new optics

The technical challenge with the SL MiniMax AF was to combine completely independent reflectors for the high and low beams in one optical system. It is only through this radical separation that an impressive three-dimensionality of the illuminated image is created. In terms of homogeneity, too, the SL MiniMax AF sets the new benchmark for StVZO-approved lamps.

Waterproof and impact resistant

It can always happen that your bike with a lamp is standing in the rain or takes a hit when you fall. Therefore, the SL MiniMax AF is of course waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP67.

A lamp built to last

The CNC-milled aluminum housing offers the best conditions for a lamp with Lupine quality. Robust and armed for all external influences, ideal heat dissipation and without glued individual parts. In this way, we guarantee repairability if the worst comes to the worst and the most sustainable use of resources possible.

Tech Sepcs

Properties “SL MiniMax AF”
Battery pack: 35Wh / 5.0Ah SmartCore , 50Wh / 6.9Ah SmartCore , 70Wh / 10.0Ah SmartCore
Battery characteristics: smart core
Battery mount: with Velcro on the frame
battery system: 7.2V
high beam: Bluetooth remote control , with high beam
Weight: 100 g
Loading time: 2:40 h (5.0 Ah) , 3:40 h (6.9 Ah) , 5:20 h (10.0 Ah)
Lamp type: bike lights
Lamp holder: quick release
handlebar diameter: 25.4mm , 31.8mm , 35mm
handlebar type: Round handlebar
burn time: 1.5h (5.0Ah) , 2h (6.9Ah) , 3h (10.0Ah)
Burn time Max: 17h (5.0Ah) , 25h (6.9Ah) , 35h (10.0Ah)
Lumens: 2400 lumens
Lux: 260 lux
Material: Aluminum CNC machined (6061-T6), black anodized
Dimensions: 37x69x34mm
Range: 260m
Protection class: IK 09 (impact resistance) , IP 67 (waterproof)
StVZO approval: Yes (~K2258)

Scope of delivery “SL MiniMax AF”
  • SL MiniMax AF lamp head
  • Quick release 35mm
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Holder remote control Peppi V5 & Peppi V5 XL
  • 10.0Ah SmartCore battery
  • Velcro coated short & long
  • Weasel charger



(GER : ENG) SL Mini Max AF


Scope of delivery “SL MiniMax AF”
  • SL MiniMax AF lamp head
  • Quick release 31.8mm or 35mm (depending on selection)
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Holder remote control Peppi V5 & Peppi V5 XL
  • SmartCore battery (depending on selection, options are : 5.0Ah, 6.9Ah, 10.0Ah)
  • Velcro coated short & long
  • Weasel charger

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