1500+ lumen Piko/Piko R [and all Piko TL] Green Filter

Fits Piko 1500-lumen lamp-heads and 1200-lumen or less Piko TL Flashlights


The filter attachment for the Piko lamp head and the PTL bathes the night in a green light. To do this, the cap is simply placed on the lamp.

Suitable for the Piko helmet or head lamp as well as the Piko TL Max and MiniMax. Consists of coated Makrolon.

The filter attachment for our Piko TL and 2016 Piko/Piko R bathes the night in a green light. Simply plug the cap into the lamp head.

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Full Description

The green diffuser not only offers a layer of protection for your Piko, but it turns your light into a ‘green light,’ which is especially useful in keeping your eyes adapted in low-light conditions and darkness. Ideal for tactical use, hunting, camping, and fishing.

Suitable for new lights:

  • 15W Piko 1500 Lumen (with and without Bluetooth)
  • 12W Piko TL Max 1200 Lumen
  • 12W Piko TL MiniMax 1200 Lumen

Suitable for older lights:

  • Piko TL Ultra
  • Piko TL Mini


Properties “Piko/PTL green filter”
Suitable for: Piko , Piko TL Max , Piko TL MiniMax
Compatible older models: Piko TL Mini , Piko TL Ultra


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