6.9Ah Battery tank

Runtime up to 160 Hours (0.3W); 273g; Compatible with Tesla TL, Wilma TL, Betty TL S, Betty TL, Betty TL2 S and Betty TL2.


LONG-LASTING POWER. The 6.9Ah battery supplies your flashlight up to 160 hours of energy, weighs 273 grams and is 148 mm long. The 6.9Ah battery tank is removable from the TL unit. To do so, simply screw it off and the hard gold-plated contacts become visible.  Battery with thread for all Betty TL2 (S), Betty TL (S), Wilma TL and TL Tesla.

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Our flashlights batteries are (in the mounted state) waterproof and impact resistant. A high-quality and extreme robust aluminum housing protects our TL batteries reliably against shocks, dust and water.

The gold contacts conduct electricity with nearly no loss and, thanks to the practical threaded system you can change your battery in just a few seconds towards a fresh one.

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