Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight

Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight

High power LED flashlight with charging station. Betty TL 2 Pro: Extremely robust 5400 lumens including charging station for professional use far away from any socket.


The brightest flashlight in the world has just become even brighter. Our Betty TL2 is your handheld floodlight, emitting an unbelievable 5400 true and tested lumens that can literally flood an entire valley with light. INCLUDED IN KIT: Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight, Power Supply, Docking Station, 12V cable, Double-threaded cap, 1/4 inch adapter,  Manual.

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Full Description

The Betty TL2 is simply the perfect flashlight. In fact, it’s the official flashlight of the Norwegian Police and has proven itself in various rescue operations.

Betty TL2 features:

  • High-performance LEDs
  • Simple battery swap
  • Robust, well designed, waterproof aluminum housing
  • Special lens arrangement for a perfect luminous image
  • Beam range of over 380 meters
  • Ideal for camping, hunting, photography, fishing, biking, car repair work, construction
  • 11 light modes & integrated red light for reading at night

The Betty flashlight offers 11 different dimming levels and numerous additional functions, such as the red center LED, SOS, FLASH, RVLR and alpine emergency signal modes. Switch between levels with a single keystroke, check remaining battery life or create a custom light program by combining up to 4 light steps in any order.

For Film and Photography
The Betty TL is an excellent light source for the photography and film industries. With the 1/4 inch thread adapter, you can easily mount the BTL to all standard tripods or with a flash-slide adapter, directly on your camera. Your 55mm threaded lid allows you to use a diffuser or standard photo filters.


Lupine products are made in Germany and backed by more than 20 years of precision manufacturing and high-tech innovation.

We are one of the best in the industry in the areas of:

  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price-to-lumen output ratio
  • Warranty

We take pride in our customer support and service team, who can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.

Tech Specs

Betty TL2 Pro

Burn time 45 W / 5400 lumens 1:30 hour
Burn time 22 W / 2650 lumens 3:15 hours
Burn time 2 W / 270 lumens 36 hours
Burn time 0.8 W 90 hours
weight 600g
Dimensions (ØxL) 57x274mm
loading time 5 : 00h

Lamp Head: Betty TL2 Pro

light levels 11 levels from 0.3W (30 lumens) to 45W (5400 lumens)
special levels Red center LED, SOS, Alpine SOS, FLASH
material CNC-machined, aluminum 6061-T6, shot-peen, hard-anodized (100µm)
weight 170g
Dimensions (ØxL) 57x57mm
protection class IP 68 (waterproof), IK 09 (impact resistance)
lens 26° optics ( Collimated Lens Technology)
bulbs 6x Cree XM-L3; 1x XP-G
LED circuit board Copper: Direct connection thermal pad / copper board
color temperature 6000K (5% tolerance)
microprocessor 14-bit RISC (quadruple PLL)
PCS aluminum plate
clocking converter 50KHz
processor clock 32MHz
trace structure Fine pitch less than 0.2 mm
temperature management realtime
ambient temperature -25°C to +70°C
LED display 5 x RGB LEDs Osram
LED backlight 2 x RGB LED Avago
voltage indicator via RGB LEDs
Lamphead battery warning via backlight
Drawn capacity via RGB LEDs
reserve tank depending on battery and usage pattern
candlelight function 0.3W
Colours Black
lux 320lx


Charger: Charging station Betty TL 2 Pro

material Glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA 4.6)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 215 x 63 x 65.5mm
charging current 0.1 – 1.5A
output voltage 7.2V=
Suitable batteries BTL2 Pro 9.9Ah
power supply Power pack or 12-24V=
fuse Mechanically; lever


Flashlight battery: Battery tank 10.4 Ah

material CNC-machined, aluminum 6061-T6, shot-peen, hard-anodized (100µm)
Battery 7.2V 10.4Ah
watt hours 75Wh
weight 430g
Dimensions (ØxL) 40x217mm
Recommended for BTL2 Pro
protection class IP68
cell type LG MJ1186150
central contact hard gold plated



Docking station


  • Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
  • 10.4 Ah battery with Orbital Charging Technology
  • docking station
  • power adapter
  • 12V cable
  • Cable with open strands
  • double threaded lid
  • 1/4 inch adapter
  • Instructions


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