Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight

Flashlight: 5400 lumens; 170g lamp head, 600g w/ battery; Charging station; 1:30 hour to 240 hour burn time (0.3W); IP 68 & IK09; Red light


The Betty TL2 Pro flashlight has a luminosity of up to 5400 lumens and an output of 0.3 – 45W.

One charge of the 10.4Ah battery lasts for up to 240 hours (0.3W). To use a spare battery simply unscrew the lamp head from the battery tank. The battery can also be charged with the Charger One, MicroCharger or Wiesel. In addition to the 11 light levels, the flashlight has a 0.8W red light function, (alpine) SOS and a flash function. The Betty TL2 Pro is charged via orbital charging technology via the docking station. This works both on a socket, on 12-24V direct current and with the included 12V cable on the cigarette lighter in the car. The flashlight itself is held securely in the station by two spring systems and can be secured mechanically with a lever. The BTL2 Pro system is suitable for helicopters, ships and vehicles that are sometimes exposed to strong vibrations.

Like all Lupine lamps, the Betty TL2 Pro is shock and waterproof according to IK09 and IP68.

Included in the Box: Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight, 10.4 Ah battery with Orbital Charging Technology, docking station, power adapter, 12V cable, Cable with open strands, double threaded lid, 1/4 inch adapter, Instructions.

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High power LED flashlight with charging station

Betty TL 2 Pro: Extremely robust 5400 lumens including charging station for professional use far away from any socket.

product properties

IP 68 (waterproof) and IK 09 (impact resistant): Our Betty TL2 Pro meets the highest industry standards.

High power LED flashlight with charging station

Betty TL 2 Pro: Extremely robust 5400 lumens including charging station for professional use far away from any socket.

Uncompromising outdoors

Far away from any civilization you want a lamp that keeps what it promises. Water, scratch and impact resistant, 10.4 Ah battery tank and gigantic 5400 lumen light output. The BTL2 Pro is your absolutely uncompromising outdoor flashlight.

extra flashlight

The extra thick hard-anodized surface (100 µm) and the shatterproof AF front glass protect the lamp head from knocks, bumps, dirt and water. The grooves on the outside of the extra large battery tank promise the best handling and grip, even if your lamp falls in the mud.

Always full and ready to use

The unique orbital charging technology and the docking station ensure that the flashlight is always full. The BTL2 Pro is waiting in the charging station: Just one grip and 5400 lumens are immediately available for every use. Colored LEDs show the current charge level and help you to find your lamp in the dark.

docking station

The BTL2 Pro is the only lamp in the world to have a charging station that you can use with a power supply unit, but also with any voltage source between 12 and 24 V (direct current). The connection cable can be laid flexibly in all directions.

Hard-wearing, durable, safe

The lamp itself is held reliably in the station by two low-wear spring systems, even under heavy loads, and can also be mechanically secured with a lever. The BTL2 Pro system is perfect for helicopters, ships and vehicles that are exposed to strong vibrations.

Removable battery

You can change the 10.4 Ah battery of the BTL2 Pro in just a few seconds thanks to the simple threaded fastener. If you don’t have a docking station nearby, it is possible to charge the battery with our proven Lupine chargers.


The BTL2 Pro has 4 light levels, freely selectable from 11 light programs, including red light, SOS, Flash and Alpine SOS.

Alternative special versions

The BTL2 Pro flashlight is available for special applications in 450 nm (blue), 415 nm (purple), 365 nm (UV) without an additional central LED. Alternatively, the middle LED can be equipped with UV or infrared (855 nm).

Tech Specs



Docking station


  • Betty TL2 Pro Flashlight
  • 10.4 Ah battery with Orbital Charging Technology
  • docking station
  • power adapter
  • 12V cable
  • Cable with open strands
  • double threaded lid
  • 1/4 inch adapter
  • Instructions


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