Blika R4 Helmet Light System
Blika R4 Helmet Light System
Blika R4 Helmet Light System
Blika R7 SmartCore Helmet Light System
Blika R4 SmartCore Helmet Light System

Blika R4 Helmet Light System

2400 Lumens; 85g Lamp; 3.5Ah / 25Wh hardcase battery; Runtime 1:05 – 80 Hours; 220g Total System Weight


SYSTEM INCLUDES: Blika 2400 lumen aluminum lamp head, 3.5Ah hardcase FastClick battery with FastClick helmet mount, FrontClick helmet mount, Bluetooth 2-Way remote switch, Peppi V5, Wiesel V5 battery charger, and Blika R manual.

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Full Description


There are lights for running, lights for climbing, lights for biking, and then there’s one for all your adventures. An incredible 2400 lumens, low and high beams, red and green lights, a gentle reading light, and the new FrontClick system makes the Blika the most versatile Lupine we have ever constructed.


Special applications require special lighting, such as fishing or reading a map. A red and green light that can be adjusted in steps is integrated in the Blika. There are situations, such as when camping in a tent, where less light is preferred, so the Blika has a dimming reading light function as well.


For fast journeys and challenging terrain, you want lots of light and a broad, homogeneous illumination pattern. In order to reach a high range at the same time, the Blika combines the popular lighting of a Piko with a highly focused, switchable spot in the middle.


With so many functions, we had to develop an easy way to operate the Bluetooth remote, so we designed a new operating system with two independently assignable push-buttons. This offers you access to all lighting levels and special functions in every situation.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, your lighting will be more flexible than ever. You can turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or swap your headlamp from one helmet to another in just seconds and without any tools. Just click into place onto the plate attached to your helmet with a special 3M adhesive pad or the tried and tested Lupine hook-and-loop fastener system.


Water and Impact Resistance: The FL1 standard is a set of ANSI / NEMA standards to compare the product specifications of different lamp manufacturers.

Product Details

The FL1 Standard is a newly set standard to compare the specifications of flashlights by different manufacturers.


Runtime Chart for Blika R4 with 3.5Ah Battery

Runtime at 22 W/ 1800 Lumens: 1:05 Hour

Runtime at 10 W / 1100 Lumens: 2:15 Hours

Runtime at 6 W / 690 Lumens: 4:00 Hours

Runtime at 3 W / 350 Lumens: 8:00 Hours

Runtime at 1.5 W / 180 Lumens: 15:00 Hours

Runtime at 0.3 W / 55 Lumens: 80:00 Hours

Weight: 180g

Charging time: 3:00 Hours

Technical Details

Light Output: 2100 Lumens

Runtime: 1:05 – 80 hours

Reach FL1290 m

Battery: 3.5Ah / 25Wh

Weight: 180g

Battery Setup: Directly on headband


Lamphead: Bilka 2100 Lumens – 22W

Lumens: 6 steps from 0.3W (40 Lumens) to 22W (2100 Lumens)

Special Modes: SOS, Alpine emergency signal, RVLR

Material: CNC-machined, Aluminum 6061-T6, Shot-peened, Hard-anodized

Weight: 85g

Dimensions (LxWxH): 35 x 51 x 33mm

Protection class: IP 68 (Waterproofness), IK 09 (impact strength)

Lens: Multi-Lens-System 22° / 12° / 180°

Illuminant: 2 Cree XM-L2, XQ-E HI (4x white,1x green, 1x red)

LED-Board: Copper

Color Temperature: 6000K (5% tolerance) Moonlight

Microprocessor: 14-bit RISC (PLL)

Converter Phase: 50KHz

Corespeed: 32MHz

Conducting path structure: smaller 0.3 mm

Ambient Temperature: – 30°C to + 70°C

Reserve tank: depending on battery and type of use

Candlelight function: low-diffuse light


Battery: 3.5Ah FastClick Hard case

Material: Casing Polyamide

Battery 7.2V: 3.5Ah

Watt hours: 25Wh


Dimensions (LxWxH): 72 x 41 x 22mm

Proper for: Blika, Piko, Neo FastClick Mount

Protection class: IP 68 (waterproofness), IK 09 (impact strength)

Cell type: Panasonic NCR18650B

Highcurrent: 2C

SmartCore Technology: N/A

Lexan-Touchpad: with 5 Hyper Red LED’s

Capacity Indicator:10% steps via 5 Hyper Red LEDs

Rearlight-Function: N/A

Running Light-Function: N/A

Balancing Function: N/A

Calibration Function: N/A

Audible signal: N/A

Microprocessor: N/A

PCB: Reversible cutoff at short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage


Charger: Wiesel V5

Charge current: 0.1 – 1.2A

Input voltage: 100 – 240V

Frequency: 50- 60Hz

Display: charging control via 1 LED

Compatible batteries: Lupine Li-Ion Batteries – 7.2V

Functions: Li-Ion Charge

Microprocessor controlled: yes


Handlebar mount for Bluetooth remote button

Peppi V5: Holds Bluetooth remote button





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