C14 Mag Taillight

45 lumen; innovative magnetic mount; brightness sensor; Max run time 22 hours; fully charged within 3 hours via magnetic charging cable; IP68 and IK09


The C14 Mag is the first rear light with an innovative magnetic mount. The 45 lumen rear light has a brake light and a brightness sensor. In contrast to the StVZO variant, the international version is equipped with two additional light modes: the flashing and the pulse mode.

The C14 Mag is inserted into the holder rail between the seat stays and held there with pure magnetic force. Like the housing, this consists of CNC-milled aluminum.

The integrated battery is fully charged within 3 hours with the included magnetic charging cable and has a running time of up to 22 hours. The C14 Mag impresses with its homogeneous lighting characteristics and guarantees good all-round visibility – even from the side. Like all Lupine lamps, the C14 Mag is waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP68 and IK09.

The minimum distance between saddle and saddle rails for mounting is 21mm. For mounting on carbon saddles, two longer bracket screws are also included in the scope of delivery. The C14 Mag is compatible with all standard seat stay distances (approx. 35mm).



The C14 Mag is not approved for use within the scope of the StVZO.

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Magical Magnetic

45 lumens, integrated battery, brake light, brightness sensor and an innovative magnetic mount for mounting on the seat stays that has never been seen before – the C14 Mag is all that and more

Magnetic safe

The C14 Mag holds securely – and with pure magnetic force. The CNC-milled seat stay mount is simply screwed under the saddle. The C14 Mag can now be clicked in and out in a split second, whether to charge it or to protect it from theft.

Magnetic charged

The C14 Mag ensures perfect visibility in every situation for up to 22 hours. And if the battery is empty, you can easily hang your rear light on the magnetic charger to recharge it.

brake light

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could warn the person behind you before you brake hard? No problem – in the event of a braking maneuver, a G-sensor reliably detects your movement and briefly brightens the C14 Mag.

brightness sensor

The C14 Mag has a button that is easy to reach even while driving. However, if you only want to concentrate on the ride, you can also rely on the automatic mode. Here, a brightness sensor scans your ambient light and activates your rear light as soon as you need it to be seen.

Decide how you want to be seen

The international version of the C14 Mag offers numerous options: In addition to brake lights and two different power levels of the permanent light, you can just as easily have your rear light flash or pulse like a heartbeat to further improve visibility.

240° Visible

A rear light has one main purpose: to be seen. The lighting characteristics of the C14 Mag are particularly homogeneous and striking. In addition, the light is emitted at an angle of 240° and thus guarantees good all-round visibility – even from the side.

Water and impact resistant

Water and dirt are often transported from the rear wheel directly to the saddle. But don’t worry – the C14 Mag is water and impact resistant according to IP68 and IK09.

Aluminum at its best

Like every Lupine, our C14 Mag and its mount are milled from one piece of aluminum. This makes them light, robust, waterproof and at the same time extremely beautiful.

Sustainably bright

The C14 Mag’s battery is built right into the body, but what if it’s reached its end of life? In that case, you order a new one, unscrew your lamp and easily change the battery yourself.

Is my saddle compatible?

Do you want to know if you can mount the C14 Mag on your saddle? Simply measure the distance from the seat stays to the saddle. If the distance above is greater than 21 mm, you can mount the C14 Mag without hesitation. For a perfectly horizontal mounting your saddle needs 13mm free seat stays.

Please respect the laws of your country! In this form, the C14 Mag is intended exclusively for sale outside of Germany and is not approved for use in the area of ​​application of the StVZO. StVZO version

Tech Specs

Properties “C14 Mag (International)”
Battery pack: 4.4Wh integrated
Weight: 87g
Loading time: 3:00 a.m
Lamp type: Taillight
burn time: 22 hours max.
Lumens: 45 lumens
Material: CNC-machined, aluminum 6061-T6, shot-peen, hard-anodized
Dimensions: 71x40x26mm
Protection class: IK 09 (impact resistance) , IP 68 (water resistance)
StVZO approval: no


Scope of delivery “C14 Mag (International)”
  • C14 mag
  • saddle mount
  • magnetic USB charging cable
  • 2x additional screws for carbon saddles
  • Six round wrench 5
  • Instructions


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