Charger One


Intelligent high-end charger (not for Alpha)

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Charger One

Intelligent high-end charger

The charger

With the Charger One, you have the latest generation of charging technology at your disposal. As a complete in-house development, all charging functions have been perfectly matched to Lupine batteries. The specially developed software always ensures a full charge with unsurpassable security. The illuminated display provides you with information on the charging status, such as voltage and charged amps, throughout the charging process. The Charger One is compatible with all Lupine batteries (except Alpha) and charges with a full 2 ​​A – nobody charges faster.


The first value gives you the current voltage level. At 8.3V to 8.4V the battery is fully charged.

The second value indicates the current charging current. When the battery is empty, the charging current starts at 2.5A and drops to 0.1A towards the end of the charging process as the battery fills up.

The third value indicates the charged capacity in ampere hours (Ah).


The Charger One has various charging and discharging functions which can be selected at the push of a button.

1. Li-Ion charging program (standard program)

This program is used to charge the battery. As soon as the display shows “Full” the battery is fully charged.

2. Li-ion discharge program

With the help of the “Discharge” program you can completely discharge your battery. The extracted capacity is then shown on the display. Caution: Do not store the battery empty!!!

3. Discharge and charge program

The battery is first completely discharged and then fully charged.

4. 50% Storage Program

The battery is charged to exactly 50% of its capacity. This is the perfect program to store your battery as gently as possible.

12V adapter

With the included 12 volt adapter, you can also operate the Charger One via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Tech Specs

Properties “Charger One”
battery system: 7.2V
Output voltage: 12V=
input current: 2A
discharge current: 0.1 to 0.5A
Suitable for: Batteries with 7.2V (all except Alpha)
charging current: 0.1 to 2.5A
Material: Polycarbonate, Aluminum 6061-T6


  • Charger One charger
  • power adapter
  • 12V adapter



Charger One

Charger One Quick Manual


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