Erik V1 Headband for 3200-lumen Wilma


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Product information Erik V1 Headband for 3200-lumen Wilma
The Erik mount makes it possible to mount standard Lupine strap-secured (i.e. not FastClick) batteries on the headband. This mount is not suitable for ClickSystem batteries!

This application is not really made for runners, especially when using the 6.6 Ah battery; however for professional/industrial use, it is sometimes beneficial to get rid of the extension cord to gain more room to move.

Using a 3.3 Ah battery with our 3200-lumen Wilma, full power setting should be used judiciously, as your runtimes will be somewhat low.

Suitable batteries:

6.6>6.6Ah Smartcore

3.3Ah Smartcore

3.3Ah Hardcase


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