Extension Cable

20cm/30cm/60cm/120cm extension cable for all lamp types except Alpha.


Extension cords in lengths of 20cm/30cm/60cm/120cm for all lamp types except Alpha.

Alpha extensions located here.

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Lupine’s innovative outer coating on all extension cables, ensures flexibility down to a temperature of -40 degrees, and significantly reduces the chance of a cable break.

Because Lupine’s extension cables, lights, batteries, and chargers are designed for compatibility, you can easily build the perfect lighting system for any adventure, whether it’s on bike, skis, or foot.


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    Flexmount Quickrelease - 25.4 mm
    1 X $45.00 = $45.00
    Flexmount Quickrelease - 31.8 mm
    1 X $45.00 = $45.00
    SL X/ SL AX mount screw
    3 X $6.00 = $18.00
    Plug protection (lamp head)
    4 X $5.00 = $20.00
    Battery connector protection
    4 X $5.00 = $20.00