FrontClick Mount Neo/Piko
FrontClick Mount Neo/Piko
FrontClick Mount for Blika Lamphead

FrontClick Mount Neo/Piko


The FrontClick mount for our Piko. The mount is installed to the light and can be used with the FrontClick helmet, headband and 3M mount. Suitable for Neo up to 900 lumens, Piko up to 1900 lumens (with and without Bluetooth) and old Piko <1200

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Full Description

The FrontClick changing system for Blika and Piko
With the FrontClick quick-change system, your lighting will be more flexible than ever before. You can turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or swap your headlamp from one helmet to another in seconds and without any tools.

Flat and versatile
The ultra-flat mounting plate is fixed to your helmet with a special 3M adhesive pad, the lamp simply clicks into place. The FrontClick mounting plate is so light and flat that it can remain on your helmet without problems, even if you do not need your lamp.

For helmets with ventilation slots
Too many ventilation slots for an adhesive pad? For all helmets with ventilation slots, we rely on the tried and true Lupine velcro system. You just thread our special Lupine Velcro through the ventilation slots and mount the mounting plate securely and easily on your bike helmet.


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