ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount Kit

Clip mount all Rotlicht lights to packs, etc.


SECURE & RELIABLE. The new mount securely places the ROTLICHT below the saddle. With the simple push of a button, you can easily unlock your light and charge, if necessary.  Suitable for new and older ROTLICHT light models.

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If you have multiple bikes that you use, we recommend purchasing a spare ROTLICHT Crossbar Rail Mount that you can secure to your other bike. This allows you to easily swap your Rotlicht between bikes in seconds.  (purchase here)

Learn how to mount the Rotlicht in this short video:


About the ROTLICHT:

The Lupine ROTLICHT, German for ‘red light,’ is not only bright in front of you, but also behind you. With incredible 160 Lumens of red light output, this is probably the most powerful tail light with integrated battery.


The ROTLICHT Seat Rail Mount kit comes with a small allen key, which is needed for initial setup.


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